2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks

There are a lot of things we could say about 2021. Perhaps it didn’t live up to our expectations of getting back to normal, but it did bring us a few good things.  I’m choosing to name 2021 the Year of the Bronco because it was one of the most exciting automotive come-backs I’ve experienced.

Rapid Red is My New Favorite Color

It’s not just the Bronco that looks good in this color. I had the Expedition MAX recently and it too was eye-catching in Rapid Red. It’s bright, but not stop-light red. And the glossy finish really brings out the candy-apple color.

The Bronco put a huge grin on my face as soon as I pulled off the little gravel road just south of the Red River. It bumped gently down the slope and lumbered over stones and wet sand like a Sunday afternoon stroller.

The 2021 Ford Bronco Has Off-Roading Chop

A Closer Look at the Ford Bronco Outer Banks Package

The Ford Bronco Outer Banks edition is recognizable thanks to its body-color door handles, mirrors, fender flares, and powder-coated tube steps.

We found the leather bucket seats in the 2021 Ford Bronco to be exceptionally comfortable, and a lot roomier than the seats in the Jeep Wrangler, which is a big deal for a big guy like my husband. I, too.

But is It Comfortable?

But comfort isn’t only about what it feels like to sit in the seats and drive over uneven ground, it’s about the overall experience. The Bronco’s ride quality is significantly affected by road noise and the Bronco has lots of it.

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

Despite the road noise, I had a hard time letting this one go. It provided an excellent escape to the wilderness and made me want to pack the family up and go camping!

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