Watch This Mom Drift Her Minivan, Like a Boss

A Girls Guide To Cars | Watch This Mom Drift Her Minivan, Like A Boss - Momkhana Minivan Drifting
Look at them with their helmets. Safety first!

What is Momkhana?

Minivans are the turf of moms. Sure, you see dads behind the wheel and the occasional reluctant teenager, but they are largely a mom thing used to ferry children and their stuff from point A to point B. They’re both loved and hated depending on your point of view, but in no one’s view are they badass, kick-butt cars you see doing donuts on the way home from school. Until now.

This unassuming Toyota Sienna has gotten a little work so that it now has a 550 horsepower engine and the guts to do a little drifting. Famous Footwear set up the whole thing from the van to the kids to the stunt-driving mom and it’s a hilarious 3 minutes of video.

She picks them up at school, they buckle into their harnesses, don helmets, and they’re off. The kids spend the whole time in the backseat completely unfazed, with the boy playing games on a handheld device. That part is just like the real world while the rest is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Real-life mom Shauna Duggins is behind the wheel of her minivan in the spot titled Momkhana in a nod to Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana videos. She makes it look easy, and lest you fear for the safety of the kids, they weren’t even in the car while she was actually driving like a crazy person. Watch the making of video to see how they made it look like the kids were there, even adding in fake tire smoke.

The whole thing was also staged on a closed course, so there was never any risk of people being hurt as Shauna burned through tires and ripped up at least one set of rims. You may not be able to do this in your minivan when you pick up the kids today, but at least you can go get a new pair of shoes without risking life and limb.

And here’s the making of video that shows the kids were never in any danger and that cameramen are a heck of a lot braver than we ever realized.

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