Is the VW ID.4 Electric SUV the One that Will Finally Tip the EV Trend? 

Vw Id.4

Volkswagen’s all electric SUV with a super sexy interior and budget-friendly price will turn heads.

Just as California is drawing a line in the sand by banning the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, VW is throwing down a gauntlet of its own: the company this week announced the arrival of the all-electric VW ID.4 SUV.

VW learned a couple of years ago how important SUVs are to Americans. The VW Atlas launched and quickly became the company’s #1 seller in North America. And now, with a long range SUV that will be able to travel 240 miles on a charge, the company is hoping to give buyers what they need in a vehicle and also, provide great all-electric driving. The ID.4 will have a powerful 302 horsepower engine capable of towing 2,700 lbs, all wheel drive, a fun drive experience and a starting price of under $40,000. With federal and state tax credits, the company expects that buyers can have this super cute SUV for about $30,000.

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Vw Id.4

VW’s newest SUV is all electric. . ? VW

Charging is Free!

Yes, free! VW struck a deal with Electrify America that will allow all ID.4 owners unlimited charging for free for the first 3 years of ownership. This could not only save owners a bundle, but in comparison to fueling a gas-powered SUV for 3 years, it’s a savings of potentially thousands of dollars. And, as is pretty much the standard, charging can happen quickly; the ID.4 is said to recoup 80% of its charge in just 38 minutes at a level 2 fast charging station (which Electrify America provides). 

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Vw Id.4

The cabin in the VW ID.4 won my heart. It’s so chic. ? VW

A Futuristic and Super Stylish Cabin

This one really got me. I had a chance to see the prototype up close at auto shows last year and was blown away by the design. It’s fresh and modern; buyers can opt for a panoramic sun roof and replace scores of black plastic with light gray surfaces and white accents— including the steering wheel!— that give the cabin a modern, airy feel. And it is sublime. (However, you can go with all black if you really can’t stand modern freshness.)

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Vw Id.4

The steering wheel and driver information screen in the VW ID.4 . ? VW

Cool Technology Adds to the Modern Feel 

Another feature I’m excited to see when the ID.4 is in dealerships is the responsive ambient lighting that will ‘assist’ not just with seeing things in the cabin, but with navigation, too; the light will gently surge on the left or right side of the dash to enhance turn by turn navigation. Other great features include ‘gesture control’ which allows you to turn up the radio with a swish of your finger in front of the radio; voice controls of course, and head up display. VW is also adding wireless phone charging and wireless apps, like Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto; these will connect to the car via BlueTooth rather than a USB port. In all, VW sought to put all its most futuristic and modern features into the ID.4.

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Vw Id.4

A look at the front of the VW ID.4. ? VW

Futuristic Cars Built in … Tennessee! 

To accommodate the production of the ID.4, VW invested $800 million to expand its assembly plant and workforce in Chattanooga. And it’s a nice fit; the company is dedicating much of its operations to sustainability and is on track to be carbon neutral by 2050. Which aligns the company perfectly for helping Californians, or New Yorkers or Tennesseans or anyone to reach their electrified goals, too. 

Vw Id.4

Headlights in the VW ID.4 are designed to bend with the curves ahead for better visibility. ? VW

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