Celebrities. Smackdowns. Supercars: Behind the Scenes at Lexus 0-60 Celebrity Driving Competition

Lexus 0-60

Who wouldn’t want to hang out at the track with 6 famous competitors driving Lexus performance cars?

And get an inside track on who will win a Lexus LC 500 Convertible for a year? We certainly did! For two full days of driving and racing action at the Fontana Auto Club Speedway in California, we got to watch as drivers, coaches and competitors did their best on the track to support their teams for a chance at a year with a dream car.

And, we got to help tell the story from behind the scenes. Lexus 0-60 has its own cast of stars, but we brought our own: Mariel Swan @marielswan, Alicia Quarles @alicialquarles, Elle Victoria @heelsnclutch, Ellery Lee @elleisalwayshere and Alexis Ruan @miss.lexiss joined us to share the scenes, stories, and excitement of Lexus 0-60. Not only did they capture their own social media, but we captured them… on video.

Mariel Swan, a Racing Wives star and Mrs. North Carolina, has plenty of experience at the track.

Alicia Quarles, DailyMail TV senior news correspondent, and Good Morning America contributor loves cars.

Elle Victoria, a car girl by nature and nurture, even found a few thrills on the Lexus track.

Ellery Lee, a digital creator from New York City gets giddy on Autocross.

Alexis Ruan, model and brand ambassador, was already a Lexus lover, and the track just reinforced her passion for the brand.


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Season 4 Lexus 0-60: The Competition is ON!

It was exhilarating. Thrilling. And nail biting. And now…the winners are revealed.

Lexus 0-60, which just premiered, features 6 celebs – two women and four men, all actors, athletes and models by day – competing against each other in performance driving exercises. Hosted by TV personality Big Tigger, host of BET’s Rap City, the series follows the competitors to see who goes home with an LC500 convertible for a year — not a bad prize!

Drivers are split into two teams, each with a pro driver as the team coach. The competitors are not professional or experienced performance drivers, so they can use all the help they can get.

    • Curtis Hamilton, Season 3 winner, Actor
    • Dystany Spurlock, Motorcycle drag race competitor
    • Luciana Faulhaber, Actor and producer
    • De’Angelo Williams, former NFL player
    • Don Benjamin, America’s Next Top Model
    • George Wilson, former NFL player

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Competitors drove the Lexus LC 500, the new Lexus IS and the Lexus GS and competed in timed laps, a slalom course and auto-cross course, all at high speeds. Each had three shots to earn their best time before moving on to the next competition.


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While the competitors are all celebrities, the real stars were the cars: The super gorgeous LC 500, the track worthy GS and all-new for 2021, the Lexus IS, which is even more athletic, lower and wider and boasts a new interior including a touchscreen. With the new handling improvements it was a natural on the track.

@xoconniepetersThe all-new refreshed 2021 Lexus IS 350 F Sport! ##lexus ##girlsdrivelexus ##luxurycars ##shedrives♬ Coincidance – Handsome Dancer

And who went home with the LC 500 Convertible for a year? You’ll have to watch and see. While we loved sharing what went on behind the scenes, we’re not giving anything away!

Disclosure: Our behind the scenes participation was sponsored by Lexus.

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