The Secret Lives of Minivans: Toyota Sienna’s Rockin’ Remix

Toyota Sienna Remix

Look, Mom: a shiny new, cool and blinged out Toyota Sienna.

Minivans are the ubiquitous cars of school drop-offs. Sometimes they’re shiny and new with infotainment systems that have turned them into living rooms on wheels. Other times, they’ve been around that carpool lane more than once and are simply the family hauler hanging on for a few more years.

Either way, they aren’t the world’s most glamorous cars and you’d be hard-pressed to call one hip and trendy, unless it happens to be this Toyota Sienna minivan which has has been given a heck of a makeover. Toyota worked with the guys at West Coast Customs along with SiriusXM to create a minivan like no other.

Toyota Sienna Remix Interior

The Toyota Sienna Remix has no room for the kids so they’ll just have to get some exercise and follow the sound all the way home.

It’s a minivan. No, it’s a DJ booth?

The inside of the Toyota Sienna Remix hides a functioning DJ booth and there’s a 360-degree A/V column that rises up out of the roof. On that column are two 40″ LCD monitors, four subwoofers, 16 speakers and two LED bars. There are also five amplifiers and two 32-band equalizers. What’s that you’re saying about this being crazy? I can’t hear you over all this awesome sound!

The full episode of West Coast Customs featuring the Sienna Remix aired on December 14th, but if you missed it, don’t worry. The minivan will be making a tour of the US with stops at music festivals, auto shows, and sporting events so you can hear and see it close-up.

Looking at the photos of this incredible machine, there doesn’t seem to be much room for the kids.

Eh, let them walk. They can use the exercise.


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