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Kelly The Car Mom Vw Id.4 Featured Image
May 9, 2023
Can an EV accommodate kids, car seats, daycare, errands and a commute? We asked Kelly The Car Mom see if…
Vw Id.4
May 29, 2022
Can a race car driver find fun in an EV? Annika Carter drove the VW ID.4 for a week and…
Volkswagen Id.4 Featured Image. Photo: Kirsten Alana
Volkswagen ID.4 Featured Image. Photo: Kirsten Alana
February 22, 2022
It's well-equipped, has clever lighting and lots of power: Here's what I came to appreciate in the VW ID.4 AWD…
Alicia Id.4 Featured Image
October 8, 2021
The VW ID.4 EV is fun, capable and stylish, journalist Alicia Quarles discovered. Her test drive with top female auto…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Vw Id.4 Review: The Ev That Changed My Mind About Rural Electrification - 2021 Vw Id4 Review Featured Image
August 26, 2021
As a country girl, I never thought an EV could fit into my lifestyle. Then I tried out the Volkswagen…
Vw Id.4 Electric Suv
April 22, 2021
We love SUVs. We love sustainability. We love intuitive technology. And we love cars that are fun to drive. Meet…
Vw Id.4
April 19, 2021
We want electric. We love SUVs. And if it's chic and modern, all the better. VW is on it, rolling…
What It Really Cost To Own An Electric Car
Photo: Volkswagen
November 20, 2020
What it really costs to own an electric car may surprise you. The all new VW ID.4 is definitely the…
Vw Id.4
September 7, 2020
Get ready for an all new VW and an all new way to shop: When the VW ID.4 rolls out…