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Keep Your Car Clean Road Trip Tips
April 30, 2023
A road trip without the mess? Yes! These road trip hacks and tips will keep your car clean, mile after…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Spring Cleaning: Have You Cleaned Your Car Lately? - Featured Image
April 8, 2023
Spring cleaning isn't just for your home and closet. It applies to your car as well aka your second home.…
The Top Car Cleaning Tips Won'T Work If Only The Parents Are Cleaning. Get Your Kids Involved!
The kids can mess up the car so make sure they help clean it up too! Photo: Maria Smith
April 2, 2023
These clean car tips can help anyone, but specifically those of us with a bunch of messy kids. We can…
Washing The Car! Photo: Eric Maclean On Unsplash
Washing the car! Photo: Eric Maclean on Unsplash
April 1, 2023
Do we really need a month dedicated to car care? When our cars take such good care of us, and…
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The Convertible Mustang and Myself
March 31, 2023
Do you keep a car maintenance checklist? Or do you ask the mechanic? This list of what to check will…
Woman Cleaning To Konmari Your Car
Clean out that car - completely! Photo: Google/Creative Commons.Credit: Creative Commons
April 3, 2022
Spring is finally here (FINALLY!) which means we will be in our cars even more. Spring cleaning also means it's…