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Emotional Attachment To Cars
Dad and me with the first car I was emotionally attached to, the Blue Bubble. Photo: Cindy Stagg
July 31, 2023
No wonder our emotional attachment to our cars is so strong: our dads teach us to prize them, we focus…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Ride-On Cars For Toddlers - A (Little) Girls Guide To Cars - The Best Ride On Cars For Toddlers Featured Image
The Best Ride on Cars for Toddlers featured image
August 19, 2022
Shopping for your kid's first car is a lot of fun. These ride-on cars for toddlers for ages 1-3 start…
1985 Ford Escort
I don't know. I think this 1985 Ford Escort has a certain "je ne sais quoi." Photo credit: Alden Jewell
July 21, 2016
I asked my friends: tell me about your first cars. I learned that not only do people remember their first…