13 Must-Have Road Trip Themed Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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13 Must Have Road Trip Themed Gifts For Fathers Day

Forget the Father’s Day tie. These father’s day gift ideas are what Dad really wants. And, enter to win a framed print for dear ole Dad!

Imagine for a moment, your dad. What do you think that he would enjoy most this Father’s Day? Your dad has an adventurous soul hiding behind all of that parental responsibility. He longs for the open road to explore. He longs for a road trip where he can make memories with his children.  We have selected thirteen road trip themed gifts for Father’s Day to inspire your dad to go on the ultimate adventure with you.

Dads want his children to be safe.

In my house my dad was the one who took care of the cars, inside and out. He taught my two sisters and me how to drive. He also taught us some basic car safety and upkeep. Our first three gifts center around the theme of safety. Dads want their children to be safe above all else.

1. Portable Multifunction Car Safety Hammer

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Compact Emergency Hammer

Compact Emergency Hammer – Photo: Amazon.com

I’ve seen several news stories about the importance of having a car safety hammer. I also know that dad is a practical guy and like my idol, Alton Brown, there is no room for unitaskers. The Portable Multifunction Car Safety Hammer is a multitasker worthy of being in easy reach. It does you no good in an emergency if you can’t reach it while strapped in to your seat. You can also use the Compact Emergency Hammer for setting up tailgating, camping and much more.

2. LED Road Flare Emergency Disc with Storage Bag

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Led Road Flare Emergency Disc With Storage Bag

LED Road Flare Emergency Disc with Storage Bag – Photo: Amazon.com

Dad is the guy who is going to have you prepared for the road in case of an emergency breakdown. Maybe you forgot to fill your old car with oil and it overheated or there wasn’t enough gas. Suppose it is raining. How are you going to keep yourself safe and also alert someone that you need help? Flares? When was the last time you used a flare or changed the flares in your emergency kit? It is time to up the game on emergency lighting options. A set of LED Road Flare Emergency Discs with Storage Bag will light up any darkened road. They can also be used to provide light while setting up camp if your road trip includes some camping.

3. Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Car Dash Cam With Rear Camera

Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera – Photo: Amazon.com

Dash cams are not just for those insane Russian car crash videos. A dash cam can provide an extra set of eyes if you yourself end up in an accident. Car accidents happen quickly and you can’t always remember the details of what happened, so having that extra set of eyes to record the events can be very helpful.

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For a dad, a clean car is a happy car.

Dads enjoy having their vehicles clean and tidy. I can tell you from personal experience that I make sure that my car is really well cleaned before I have to take my dad anywhere. As a dad myself, I take care of keeping our cars nice and clean. I am not suggesting the tired old gift of car wash and wipes. I’m suggesting a few new items that can really help out making Dad’s ride more enjoyable.

4. Hero Clean Odor Eliminator Spray

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Hero Clean Odor Eliminator

Hero Clean Odor Eliminator – Photo: Amazon.com

I’ve been using Hero Clean products for about a year now and I love the scent. It is a clean masculine scent which was actually crafted for men, but the juniper based scent is pleasant to all. What’s more, it is tough and can eliminate some really funky smells. Think leftover five-alarm chili.

5. Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner – Photo: Amazon.com

My dad is in construction and so he has a powerful shop vac to clean out his work vehicle but a shop vac isn’t that practical for a guy like me who works an office job and hardly ever touches tools. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have one. I bought one to help clean the cars. But then I had to buy some car attachments for it and they never fit right so it was a wasted purchase and a pain to use. With a Car Vacuum Cleaner that plugs into the lighter you can quickly clean out the whole car with the tool made for the job. Get one with a carrying case and you can stow it right in the trunk.

6. Car Trunk Organizer

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Car Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer – Photo: Amazon.com

You can stow that car vacuum, Hero Clean and  LED Emergency Discs right inside a Car Trunk Organizer. I have one in my own car and it is a lifesaver when it comes to organization. Mine has three large compartments and I can store everything from bug spray to jumper cables inside. Keeping everything neat, tidy and super organized would make any dad proud.

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We’ve done the practical gifts so far, let’s get to the road trip fun.

The last seven items have to do with taking that ultimate road trip with dad. Maybe you are headed to a sporting event, camping or just taking to the open road. These remaining gift ideas will help dad stay warm and dry, comfortable anywhere and always at full power.

7. XShot Aluminum Mobile Phone Car Mount with Microsuction

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Xshot Microsuction Car Mount

XShot Microsuction Car Mount – Photo: Amazon.com

I’ve had a few phone mounts that attach to the windshield of the car with giant suction cups. They will work great for a while and then when the temperature changes they will fall off. They fall off mostly at inopportune times, like driving down the highway approaching the next exit on my Android Auto app. I’ve had the XShot Car Mount on my car windshield for three years. It has never moved. I had to work pretty hard to pull it off the windshield in order to turn in my lease. The microsuction works amazingly well to grip your cell phone so that you can use it for navigation.

8. Anker 24W Car Charger 2-Port 4.8A Ultra-Compact PowerDrive 2 Elite

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Anker 24W 2-Port Car Charger

Anker 24W 2-Port Car Charger. – Photo: Amazon.com

Speaking of using your phone for navigation, that eats battery power incredibly fast. You are going to need a good car charger and those ones by the registers at convenience stores just don’t cut it. You need good power from a quality charger like the ones from Anker. This charger can intelligently identify the device it is charging for an optimal charge and keep you and dad powered up and cruising down the road to your next adventure.

9. Multi-Purpose Backpack Chair/ Stool with Cooler Bag

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Multi-Purpose Backpack Chair Stool With Cooler Bag

Multi-Purpose Backpack Chair Stool with Cooler Bag – Photo: Amazon.com

This gift is very versatile. Dad can use it as a place to sit while watching a soccer game, while fishing or while sitting around the campfire. The great thing about this is that Dad can easily carry it on his back full of snacks and then have a spot to rest. Some versions even have backrests.

10. Collapsible Folding Camping Table with Insulated Cooler, Food Basket and Travel Bag

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Tailgating Table

Tailgating Table – Photo: Amazon.com

Hanging out and sitting by the campfire or just hanging around in the backyard should be a fun, casual time. With this Collapsible Folding Camping Table dad can lounge about and chat within close proximity to plenty of drinks and snacks.

11. Tire-Mounted Steel Camping, Travel, and Outdoor Work Table

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Tailgater Tire Table

Tailgater Tire Table – Photo: Amazon.com

Sometimes dad needs a spare place to keep his stuff. Whether he is working on the engine of his car or preparing an amazing tailgating spread, this Tire-Mounted Steel Table is the workspace he needs.

12. SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Suv Air Mattress

SUV Air Mattress – Photo: Amazon.com

I remember my dad taking us to the drive-in theater as a kid. While there are not nearly as many drive-ins still operating today, there are a few. They have been upgraded to be even more enjoyable than they were in the past. So help dad up his game and get this SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed to add some comfort to the family movie experience.

13. Rightline Gear SUV Tent

Road Trip Themed Gifts - Rightline Gear Suv Tent

Rightline Gear SUV Tent – Photo: Amazon.com

When taking the ultimate road trip with dad you need a place to stay. Sure, you could stay in various hotels but what better way to see the country than to rough it on the road. Well, maybe not exactly rough it with this SUV Tent. Having this and the SUV air mattress camping bed will have you and dad on the go glamping in no time.

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These are just a few ideas for fun Father’s Day gifts that dad will appreciate much more than the tired old ties. Think outside the norm and you can put together some great gifts and experiences to enjoy with dad this Father’s Day.

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