Listen Up, Everyone! Revel Speakers Shows Us How to Get The Best Sound in the Car

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What are some of the first things you do when you get in your car?

Guest post by Lauren Conlon

For me, it is starting the engine, putting my seatbelt on, and finding the rights songs to listen to. Either it is on the radio or from one of my connected devices. Did you ever wonder why your speakers are placed in certain positions? A Girls Guide to Cars hosted an afternoon of learning with Revel Speakers for a virtual How to Listen: Masterclass.

Note: This post is part of The New Now: Live Your Best Life conference sponsored in part by Revel Speakers. You’re invited to join the conference, which is free and open to all. Keep reading for more details!     

Jonathan Pierce from Revel Speakers led the discussion. Jonathan has worked with Revel for 17 years and taught us how music is created using 4 aspects that allow for the perfect combination of listening in the car. The 4 aspects are Spectral, Spatial, Dynamics, and Integrity. After participating in the How to Listen: Masterclass, I became more aware of each sound form.

Revel Speakers and Lincoln have a unique collaboration, bringing consumers the art of luxury and the dynamics of sound to the comfort of the driver and passengers seats in the Lincoln Aviator, Navigator, MKZ, Nautilus Continental, and the Corsair.

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Premium Audio = Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that 70% of those in cars ages 13 and older listen to music in the car every day? If you are listening that often you know that quality car audio matters. Vehicles that offer premium audio systems have more satisfied owners.

According to the JD Power 2019 study, branded audio – an audio system that was designed for the vehicle and given a brand name – has a positive impact on owner satisfaction with in-car multimedia technology: Car owners who opted for premium branded in-car audio are more satisfied with their vehicle purchase.

Revel’s tagline conveys their mission well: The Art of Luxury Meets the Science of Sound.

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Music is Meant to Be Enjoyed the Way it Was Created

Music is so important to drivers it can set the tone for a great road trip, take the stress out of the day or energize you for your destination. Music is created in a studio with the ideal listening environment: speakers placed around you. In the car we aren’t seated in the middle of the vehicle. And, cars are challenging environments that can make it difficult to listen to acoustics and get the most out of the sound coming through the speakers. But when the speakers are working together and different sounds or ranges are directed to passengers, music becomes an art to the ears. Revel Speakers systems are so are designed to make the car the ultimate listening environment.

If you Understand Chocolate, You Can Understand How to Listen

During the Masterclass, each section was broken down for us with the help of chocolate. Who would have thought that music and chocolate would go hand in hand, but it does! Jonathan took us through the deep, rich sounds that equate to the bold, richness of extra dark chocolate, the complex yet lighter tones that match a sweeter, lighter dark chocolate, and bright, light tones that match the fruitiness of milk chocolate. Put it all together and add in some spicy accented tones and you get something like the sweet and salty notes of chocolate with almonds and sea salt.

This playlist breaks down a couple of songs with different components added or removed. Click on each link below and listen. Grab your favorite set of headphones or earbuds and try it out! And don’t forget the chocolate. As you listen to the boosted bass, pair it with dark chocolate; pair boosted midrange with dark chocolate and pair boosted treble with milk chocolate. For the full chocolate with almonds and sea salt, listen to the full bandwidth.

  1. Full bandwidth
  2. Bass only
  3. Midrange only
  4. Treble only
  5. Full Bandwidth
  6. Spectral full bandwidth
  7. Boosted bass – boomy
  8. Bass cut – lack of bass
  9. Boosted midrange – nasal
  10. Midrange cut – hollow
  11. Boosted treble – bright
  12. Treble cut – dull
  13. Centered vocal image
  14. Left biased vocal image
  15. Right biased vocal image


All That Great Sound, From Only 3 Types of Speakers

Speakers are placed in certain positions in vehicles to get the most of each sound coming from it.


Subwoofers are the large speakers that are typically located in the doors and the rear of the vehicle they are also responsible for generating the bass or low notes in your music. Did you know that instruments such as drums and bass guitars, which are responsible for the ‘rumble’ and ‘punch’ you feel in your favorite music? Listen to Song 2.

Mid Range Speakers:

Located in the doors or atop the dashboard (instrument panel) these are responsible for midrange instruments such as guitars, piano, and vocals. This speaker is responsible for the ‘clarity’ in your music, such as creating a life-like vocal experience in your car. Listen to Song 3.


This small speaker can be located in the door or dashboard (instrument panel). This speaker is responsible for creating high-pitched notes commonly associated with instruments such as cymbals or bells. These notes create a spacious experience, much like that of a live concert, and are responsible for the ‘detail’ in your favorite music. Listen to song 4.

When listening to sound clips 7 and 8 grab a bite of extra dark chocolate for a more bold decadent and bitter taste. For clips 9 and 10 enjoy dark chocolate for a more complex, sweeter, and fruity tasting. Get your milk chocolate ready now for clips 11 and 12.

While Tasting and Listening, Can Your Senses Depict How Each Goes Hand in Hand?

Do you ever find yourself in your parked car enjoying one of your favorite songs being played? Think of how you feel while seated, are you taken back to a special moment in time. Do you feel more relaxed? Are your other senses in time to the music? Maybe you are sipping on your favorite iced coffee in the morning planning out your day. Sound is all around us and we want to Revel in it (see what I did there ??)

Next time you have the opportunity to just sit and listen take a deep breath and focus on the sound, note where it is coming from. Are your speakers balanced? Do you notice the stereo panning, where the music is flowing from the left to right speaker? Do you hear the speakers more than the sound? Does one tone outweigh the others? Play with the equalization of the system or the different sound settings; some systems have settings like ‘Rock’ or ‘Symphonic,’ others will actually let you focus the music to the center of the car, to the driver or to the passenger.

Revel & Lincoln | Behind the Wheel, Inside the Sound – YouTube Playlist:

Here’s a Spotify playlist of songs that have been specially selected by Revel engineers for showcasing the full power of Revel sound.

And then, join us for a listening masterclass! Join A Girls Guide to Cars and Revel on September 22nd for a virtual day of creating sanctuary as we host speakers, ideas, and tips at The New Now: Live Your Best Life. Registration is free and open to all, and the first 200 attendees to join the full event will receive a special gift in the mail from Revel and A Girls Guide to Cars.

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