Renting A Car? Why You Need Protection And How Record 360 Is The Answer

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You may not know it, but you need protection when renting a car.

You’re on vacation in beautiful sunny Miami with your best friend.  You decide to rent a convertible to cruise down Ocean drive in style.  You rent it from your favorite car rental company and as you check out, you notice a few scratches on the front bumper.  The associate says no problem and you go on your merry little way.

When you return the convertible, a different associate notices the same scratches.  The nightmare begins. Since those scratches weren’t noted on the original rental check-out sheet, guess who’s responsible?  YOU! So much for a carefree vacation.

But now, there’s an easy way to avoid this vacation interrupting nightmare: Meet Record 360.

Protection you say? There’s an app for that and it’s a snap to use

Meet Record 360, it is one of the easiest apps to use. Just download it, set up an account using your e-mail and then follow these steps:

  1. Login
  2. Choose the keyboard from the top menu
  3. Name your record (maybe topless in Miami?) and tap continue
  4. Choose photo or video and press start to take photos or video of the vehicle
  5. To add notations to your photos, tap notations (on the bottom menu) and choose from one of the fixed notations – choices are: dent, scratch, damage or, if you want to add your own notation, choose other.
  6. Tap upload and add your name along with any additional notes
  7. Tap “upload record” and you’re done

It’s that easy!

How does this protect you? Let’s Roll the Video.

Like many of you, I consider the storage space on my cell phone precious so I love that the photos and video don’t take up valuable storage on my device. The photos and video are safely stored on a free cloud storage system with easy retrieval.

If any dispute arises when you return the rental car, don’t worry. The photos and videos are time stamped and geo-tagged giving you indisputable proof the condition of the car when you received.

And it’s not just handy for renting cars

Record 360 is great for protecting you when renting a car. There are several others ways this little app comes in handy. I’ve used ‘Record 360’ to document the electronics and other valuables that are in my home when contractors are alone in the house making repairs.  So if anything goes missing, I have concrete proof that the item was in the house during that time.


The claim? The couch in the vacation rental had 6 pillows. No, it only had 4 when we arrived. See right there in the video. Photo: Record 360

Record 360 is also handy when you’re renting a vacation home. You can document what electronics are in the home as well as the general condition of the property.

Loaning your personal car to a friend? Use ‘Record 360’ to document its condition before turning over the keys to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness between friends.

There’s also a version for businesses.  Visit for more information.

‘Record 360’ is our favorite kind of app, it’s FREE.  Click here to download the iPhone/iPad version.  Click here to download the Android version.




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