Get More $$$ For Your Used Car: Photo Tips To Make it Stand Out

Used Car
For sale sign on windshield of car. Photo: Creative Commons

There are 40 million used cars for sale. Does yours stand out?

There are more than 250 million used cars on the road in the US. And each year, almost 40 million of those used cars are sold, with many owners tackling the sale of their older vehicle on their own, looking to sell to someone willing to buy a car that is ‘new to them’. If you happen to be one of those people who hopes to find a buyer for your older car, you’re up against a lot of competition.

How can you make sure yours stands out among the others? One way is through photos that show off its best qualities.

Used Car

A few photography tips can go a long way toward selling your used car. Photo: Desiree Miller for AGirlsGuidetoCars

A picture is worth a thousand words

Think about it. If you can take a little extra time making your car really shine through snapshots, you’ll be way ahead in the race to mark used cars from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’.

UnnamedProfessional photographer Rick Gerrity is a guru at great photos, serving as the Lumix Luminary for the Panasonic brand. At a recent event where I was working with Ford vehicles, he offered up a few tips on how to take photos that will make your used car look its best (which is a pretty simple task with the new Panasonic ZS60).

You can hear Rick’s advice in this video:

Rick Gerrity’s Tips for Great Photos

  • Location, location, location: Take the time to put your car in a pretty place when you take the photos. The backdrop can make all the difference
  • Take advantage of the sun: Use the sun to your advantage. Be sure the car is facing the right direction to make the sun reflect off it just right. If it’s not, turn it around.
  • Zoom in on the details: Zoom in on the wheels, headlights, cameras and sensors, and anything else that makes your vehicle appealing and shows its value.
  • Showcase that dashboard at night: Take photos of the dashboard at night. It’s a lot more exciting when it’s lit up.
  • Don’t forget the interior: Get inside and take photos of the interior, which hopefully offers up great views—like the sunroof and special features that other cars might not have.
Used Car

Don’t forget to photograph details like wheels. Photo: Desiree Miller for AGirlsGuidetoCars

In a buyer’s mind, attention to photos equals attention to the car

According to Gerrity, not only are you making the car look better in the ads, but you’re also letting potential buyers know that you’re the kind of owner who makes the extra effort when it comes to your vehicle—because if you take time and attention with pictures, you probably took time and attention with the car’s maintenance too.

Used Car

Photos matter when you’re trying to sell a used car. Photo: Desiree Miller for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Panasonic provided the Lumix ZS60 for use in connection with this post.


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