Why the Pacifica is the Best Minivan and the Ultimate Family Car

Chrysler Pacifica
Photo: Sara LaFountain

The Chrysler Pacifica minivan took us by a storm… literally. 

Last year, our car was hit by lightning while it was parked right next to our house. We felt so lucky that our house only suffered burn marks on the garage. But our car was not as lucky. When lightning hit the car, we heard a huge explosion. The car was a total loss. All of the electrical inside the car was turned on and would not turn off until it died. It was crazy to see all of the lights on, the radio playing, the windshield wipers going, and no keys in the car.

Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

The kids loved riding in the comfy minivan. Photo: Sara LaFountain

We’ll take the minivan.

We had not owned a minivan in many years. Since our kids are grown now, we didn’t think we needed one. The insurance company provided us with a rental car loaner for us to use while we decided what new car we would purchase. When we went to pick up the rental, we were offered two choices: a pickup truck or a minivan. With 5 kids and a dog, we went for the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica minivan. By far, it’s been the best minivan I’ve ever driven. And we were surprised by how much our older kids loved the minivan. It was the ultimate family car. Comfortable, spacious and loaded with tech and entertainment- what kid wouldn’t love that? We decided that our new car search would not only focus on an SUV, which was the car we were replacing. But we would also consider minivans as well. 

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Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

The hybrid version of the Pacifica allows you to run the car on the electric battery, but it also has a backup gas tank as well. Photo: Sara LaFountain

Charge it or gas it up. This Hybrid will save you money.

The 2019 Pacifica Hybrid is the only 7 passenger hybrid minivan. What’s the difference between a hybrid minivan and a regular minivan? The hybrid version allows you to run the car on the electric battery, but it also has a backup gas tank as well. The electric battery can take you about 34 miles without using any gas. After you use up the 34 miles of charge, you can either charge the battery again, or the car will seamlessly switch to using gas. The total driving range without filling up with gas, or charging the electric battery is over 500 miles, so there is no range anxiety. In order to charge the car, you simply plug the charger into any regular household plug and allow it to charge until it is full. No fancy charger is needed. You can buy a level 2 charger, which we have, and then you can fully charge your car in about 2 hours. While you are driving you can see how efficiently the electric battery is working on the front display. You can also set up a charging schedule and charge in the middle of the night when electricity rates are sometimes lower. Also, check with your state for available tax credits. We got a full $7500 credit for purchasing this electric vehicle this year!

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Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

The front display keeps you well informed of what’s going on in your car. Photo: Sara LaFountain

Keep the family entertained for hours.

The new model S version of the Chrysler Pacifica has all the bells and whistles. I am not joking when I tell you that my kids like to sit in the car and play on the entertainment system, long after we get home from school. If your husband is hesitant to buy a minivan, make sure he checks out the Pacifica Model S, he might change his mind. Some of the special features in the Model S version include:

  • S Appearance Package: black accents inside and out, with a customized sporty look (now available on all Hybrid models for the first time) This package includes 18-inch wheels with a Black Noise finish, Gloss Black accents throughout the exterior and an all-black interior with black seats with Light Diesel Gray accents and the “S” logo
  • The Uconnect Theater entertainment system with two 10-inch seatback touchscreens with games and a 7-inch full-color driver information display
Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

Two 10-inch seat back touchscreens to keep your passengers entertained. Photo: Sara LaFountain

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The Newest electric vehicle minivan is the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid  

This car has everything you’ve ever thought you needed in a minivan and so much more.

Who should buy this car:

  • People who drive less than 40 miles daily
  • Buyers who are interested in an electric car with 7 or 8 seats
  • Drivers who care about value and want a luxury car at a good price
  • Parents who want a peaceful driving experience
Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica has plenty of trunk space, even with 3 rows. Photo: Sara LaFountain

An Award winning family car

There is a reason the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica was awarded the 2019 Family Car of the Year by Cars.com If you are considering a minivan, you must test drive the Pacifica. This minivan was re-engineered from the ground up on an all-new platform. You will enjoy an exceptional ride and handling with reduced noise and vibration. With over 115 safety, security, and tech innovations, the Chrysler Pacifica has the best features to keep your family safe on the road. Some of these new features include: ParkSense Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go and Forward Collision Warning, and the Uconnect Theater entertainment system (with two 10-inch seatback touchscreens and a 7-inch full-color driver information display that is incredibly fun to use). This car is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus 4G Wi-Fi is available. The Chrysler Pacifica comes standard with six speakers and Active Noise Cancellation, premium audio systems, and either a 13-speaker Alpine system or a 20-speaker Harman Kardon surround sound system. There are 10 exterior colors and 4 interior colors to choose from.

Chrysler Pacifica

The 360-degree Surround View Camera keeps your ride safe. Photo: Sara LaFountain

Even the monsters love it. 

Chrysler recently teamed up with Sesame Street in a video with Dax Shepard called It’s Electric. In this video, Dax teaches Big Bird and the Two-headed monster about the gas and plugin features of the Chrysler Pacifica. Chrysler is a proud sponsor and supporter of Sesame Street.


What it costs:

Prices for the Pacifica Hybrid start at $45,000

Features we love:

  • Rear seat entertainment system: the kids loved all the games, especially the option to play games against each other. They also loved the “Are We There Yet” app which showed exactly how much time was left on the trip. No more asking mom and dad! 
  • Good Electric Vehicle range for a minivan
  • Heated and cooled front seats and a heated steering wheel
  • Spacious back seat area
  • Plenty of cargo room including seats that easily fold down right into the floor for hauling large items
  • Blind Spot and Lane Detection systems that work very well
  • Excellent cameras on all sides of the car so you can see a full 360 view of everything around you
  • Full 10 years or 150,000-mile warranty
Chrysler Pacifica

The back seat provides plenty of leg room. Photo: Sara LaFountain

Some new features that have been added to the Chrysler Pacifica for 2019 include:

    • S Appearance Package
    • New 17-inch wheels
    • Pacifica Touring Plus comes standard with auto-dim rearview mirror; Advanced SafetyTec Group, Uconnect Theater with Wireless Streaming and Cold Weather Group are available

Pacifica Touring L features standard heated steering wheel and auto-dim rearview Hands-free

  • ds free opening of the sliding side doors and the trunk.
  • Tons of cargo space
  • Napa leather seats (which are so comfortable!)
  • Back seat entertainment with headphones and remotes for each of the middle seat passengers
  • Tri pane panoramic sunroof which can be open with 1, 2 or 2 windows. The back of the car feels so spacious because of the expansive sunroofs.
  • Driver sunroof
  • Available stow n go vacuum
  • Easy tilt middle row seats which allow easy access to the back row
  • Excellent Safety Ratings
Chrysler Pacifica

A panoramic moonroof creates great lighting and a scenic ride. Photo: Sara LaFountain

Model Lineup

For 2019, the Chrysler Pacifica lineup consists of six models:

  • L
  • LX
  • Touring Plus
  • Touring L
  • Touring L Plus
  • Limited

For 2019, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid lineup consists of three models:

  • Touring Plus
  • Touring L
  • Limited S Model
Chrysler Pacifica

Infotainment system. Photo: Sara LaFountain

With 5 Kids And A Dog, We Went For The 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan. We Were Surprised By How Much Our Kids Loved It. It Was The Ultimate Family Car.

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