Listen Up Star Wars Fans: This Could Be Your Chance to Own a Death Trooper Helmet

Nissan Rogue One

And, it comes with a fancy new Nissan Rogue

There’s nothing like living out a favorite movie. Taking a ‘Frozen’ cruise. Vacationing with Moana. But now you can drive like a Rogue One Storm Trooper and even drive away with a Death Trooper helmet.

Nissan has partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm to customize the 2017 Nissan Rogue crossover for the next Star Wars installment, Rogue One, which will premiere on December 16th at a red carpet event at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood.

Get your own Rogue One with a Limited edition Nissan Rogue–and a Death Trooper Helmet

Nissan Rogue One

The limited edition Death Trooper helmet that buyers of the limited edition Nissan Rogue will receive with their new car. Photo: Scotty Reiss

But Nissan clearly has been bitten by the Star Wars bug (and who can blame them?): They are taking the idea to the extreme building an exclusive limited edition ‘Rogue One’ Nissan Rogue which will be unveiled on November 16th at the Los Angeles Auto Show. As a bonus, the model comes with an exclusive, numbered, limited edition Death Trooper helmet. And, no, you can’t wear the helmet; it’s not for driving–though that would be pretty cool.

Fans of Star Wars will get an early feel for the movie in dealerships where the Rogue One theme will be played out, and in Nissan’s “Battle Tested” TV ads that star Rogue One characters and plenty of action. But pay attention: The ads are designed to showcase Nissan’s safety features, and Rogue One is the perfect setting: these features are designed to save you from the hazards of the road, even if being chased by Storm Troopers, surrounded by explosions and bombarded by flying objects. Just like everyday traffic, right?

Watch for more on Halloween, when fans can enter to win a trip to the movie premiere, on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season, and of course, expect to see the Nissan Rogue and Storm Troopers on the red carpet at the December premiere.


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