Everything You Need to Know About Owning the Ford Mustang Mach E

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Owning this hot little EV is easier than you think.

You might be reluctant to buy an electric car because they are unfamiliar technology. Or you’re not sure how – or how often– to charge them. Or you like to take road trips and you don’t see charging stations every few miles like you do gas stations (yet). And who wants to get stuck on the roadside because you didn’t fully understand an unfamiliar message about your battery status? Closing your laptop and heading to the Genius Bar is one thing; calling a tow truck with screaming kids in the back seat is completely another.

Yes, there’s a lot to learn about EVs and new routines to adapt to when this technology comes to you driveway.  But, once you get it down, just like the new iOS upgrade, EV ownership is easier than you’d think and adds conveniences and perks that you gas car doesn’t have. Like, never going to a gas station again. That is lifestyle upgrade for sure.

From there it gets better. That’s because car makers like Ford are adding all the best bells and whistles, from app functions to high style to a fun drive experience. And because, Mustang! This is what you need to know about owning the new Ford Mustang Mach E electric SUV. 

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Ford Mustang Mach E

The Mustang Mach E’s infotainment screen can show you your charging status and allow you to set the schedule and other details. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Driving Range and Power Options Let You Choose the Right Fit

Some of us never leave the neighborhood, others can’t stay in the same zip code for more than a minute. To ensure you have the right amount of battery power for your drive, the Mach E has several options:  

  • Standard range: 230 miles of range and 266 horsepower
  • Standard range with all wheel drive: 211 miles and 428 horsepower
  • Extended range: 300 miles with 290 horsepower
  • Extended range with all wheel drive: 270 miles and 346 horsepower 

And, you can actually get more range from the car if you learn to use all the efficiency systems, including one-pedal driving. Yes, one-pedal driving: click a toggle on the drive mode screen to select this mode and the car will feed unused energy back into the battery. This works when you’re idling, of course, but also, when you lift your foot off the accelerator; the one pedal system acts almost like a brake, slowing the car by re-routing the power away from the wheels and back into the battery, slowing the car significantly. I drove around for days and barley touched the brake, using one-pedal driving to slow at traffic lights and intersections. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the efficiency is incredible.

However, if you constantly drive in Unbridled mode you’ll probably burn through your range quickly. And if you never plug the car in? Well, we all know the pain of “my phone’s at 7%.”

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Ford Mustang Mach E

The Mustang Mach E at a Chargepoint charging station. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Charging the Mach E: DC Fast Chargers and Home Charging are the Key to Life

Charging your car takes some getting used to, and some strategy. But, as with our phones—you charge yours fully at night and monitor your battery level all day, right?—the right strategy is the trick. So, consider these tactics to always having a full ‘tank:’

  • Ford offers two chargers with the Mach E so you can charge at home: A 120 V and a 240V clothes dryer-style charger which will need a dedicated outlet (please, hire an electrician to install this). To fully charge the Mach E with a standard household 120 V charger could take 76 hours, as the Mach E will charge at about 3 miles per hour at a standard outlet. If you only drive a few miles a day, you can easily replenish 30 miles over night.
  • If you don’t want to, or it’s not convenient, to charge every day with the standard outlet, upgrade to a 240 V outlet; this will charge the standard range battery (230 mile range) in 11 hours or so. 
  • Public charge stations are a great option but keep in mind the charge rate can be slow(ish) and depending on your location, not necessarily cheap. And, you can’t always predict where you’ll find a charge station, though the Ford Pass app will tell you which stations have an available plug. 
  • DC fast chargers are the way to go, especially when traveling. You’ll be able to recharge 80% or more in under 45 minutes. This is made for road trippers; just be sure to plan your route so you don’t get stuck at a slow charge station.
  • To pay for charging, download the apps and add your credit card. The Ford Pass allows you access to any almost charge station including the Ford Pass Charging Network, Charge Point and EVGo. If you charge at home, of course, the power usage will be reflected on your monthly electric bill. Charging fees follow the rates of your local utilities; typically it costs about a third to a half of the cost of gas to charge an electric car and electricity rates typically go down at night (with the app you can schedule to charging during the lowest cost hours).

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Federal and State Tax Incentives Ease the Cost of Ownership

How great this this!?! The Mustang Mach E qualifies for the full federal $7,500 tax credit and may qualify for additional state incentives. Keep in mind that there is a cap on the number of cars that can claim the credit, so it won’t last forever. There may also be incentives offered by counties, power companies, employers and others. You may get a credit for installing a charge station in your garage, free charging at work and more. All this can knock thousands off the cost of ownership.

Don’t Worry, It Has a Great Warranty

The Mustang Mach E carries the standard 3 year bumper to bumper warranty on the car, but when it comes to the battery, the warranty jumps to 8 years/100,000 miles if charge capacity declines to less than 70%. This means that for 8 years or 100K miles you are covered if the battery fails to work properly. Though, it’s rare; EV and hybrid owners (?‍♀️) are finding that the batteries last a long time, in many cases, longer than the car itself.

Ford Mustang Mach E

A view of the front cabin in the Mustang Mach E. The minimalist dash and the simple center console featuring phone cubbies, cup holders and command center. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Classic Ford Details Add Comfort and Confidence

Ford has been building cars for more than 100 years and it shows: Things that didn’t need to be reinvented weren’t, and the result is an intuitive experience in this car; you know where things are and how to use them. Like, the dial gear selector. If you’ve driven any of Ford’s sedans, this will look familiar. And the gorgeous leather-like seats, also a familiar detail from other Ford models. The seats are stain resistant, comfortable and heated seats are standard in the Mach E Premium. The steering wheel (also heated) feels good in your hands and its controls are intuitive and familiar. 

Drive modes are also something we’ve come to love. The Mach E has three drive modes, Whisper (eco), Engaged (comfort) and Unbridled (sport). You can choose your drive or efficiency experience and measure your performance on the car’s feedback screens and on your Ford Pass app.

All wheel drive is an option too—something that is critical to so many drivers but not a given in electric cars.

Ford Mustang Mach E

The Mach E’s panoramic sunroof. Photo: Scotty Reiss

What the Mach E Costs: Trim and Battery Range Options Let You Pick The Right Mach E

Not all EVs are created equal, right? Ford has equipped the Mach E with different features and battery options, as well as an all wheel drive option, so you can pick the one that fits your life. They include: 

  • Mach E Select, which starts at $42,895, includes driver assist and safety features including blind spot monitors, lane keep assist, auto high beam headlights, forward and rear sensors, pre collision and emergency braking, and Co-Pilot 360 with adaptive cruise control, sign recognition and voice activated touch screen navigation (“Hey, Ford…”), wireless phone charging, black ActiveX leatherette seats, drive modes, 4 USB ports, rain sensing wipers, phone as key and pony puddle lights. It has a standard 230 mile range battery with 266 horsepower and 317 torque
  •  Add all wheel drive with a 211 mile range, 266 horsepower and 428 torque for an additional $2,700
  • Mach E Premium, which starts at $47,000, adds park assist, 360 degree camera, panoramic sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel, hands free motion-activated lift gate and delivers 230 miles, 266 horsepower and 317 torque
  • Add AWD to the standard range Premium model, which delivers 211 miles, 266 HP and 428 torque, for $2,700
  • Add extended range to the Premium model, which delivers 300 miles, 290 horsepower and 317 torque, for $5,000
  • Add AWD extended range to the Premium model, delivering 270 miles, 346 horsepower and 428 torque, for $7,700

In addition to the Standard and Premium editions, Ford is offering a California Route 1 edition which carries the long range performance and a nice mix of premium features for $49,800, and soon there’ll be a GT edition with even more power. 

Add to that all the stuff you don’t have to buy: oil changes and other fluids; a home charger–the Mach E comes with one; gas; and even in some cases, electricity: Ford is offering Mach E owners 250 kilowatt hours of charging at Electrify America’s fast charging stations. That’s equivalent to five full charges, a nice way to kick off ownership. And a nice way to learn how to navigate the learning curve of EV ownership.

Disclosure: The Ford Mustang Mach E was provided for my test drive; all opinions are my own.

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