It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day
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Hooray! It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Who knew there was a day for dressing up your pet? My Molly loves to get dressed up before we hit the road, she thinks everyone can see her in her car seat. Whether it’s dresses, PJ’s, jackets, or just a bow for their hair, you name it, they have it. I guess every day is National Dress Up Your Pet Day at my house.

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Molly New Year 2020

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So Many Wardrobe Choices

Molly loves her dresses, if she doesn’t have some type of clothing on, she will go to her bin and bring you a dress, or a sweater, or whatever she can grab. Riley, on the other hand, loves her PJ’s, she will wear dresses, but she would rather be in a t-shirt or PJ’s, who knew they had such different personalities when it comes to clothes.

Hotel Wardrobe

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11 Years Of Dressing Up Your Pet

National Dress Up Your Pet Day has been around for 11 years and as my girl’s closet can attest, there are a lot of choices of clothing options out there for your fur-baby.

Molly Christmas 2019

Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Experts

This wonderful day of dressing up your pets was started in 2009 by celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Paige. It celebrates pets and helps to support the pet fashion community. For more about the National Holiday click here.

Winter Pjs

It’s a pj party! ?Adeina Anderson

Keeping Your Pet Safe When Traveling

Molly and Riley travel all over the country with me so they have an extensive wardrobe for any climate. Molly started having seizures when we traveled. I’m no doctor but and we noticed once we started keeping her in clothes, she stopped having seizures. I think it has something to do with the comfort of the clothes. Like a hug every minute of the day. We always keep extra PJs in their sleep-away bag so in case there are any accidents or messy mealtimes, they have a change of clothes when we are on the road.

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National Dress Up Your Pet Day

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Dressing Up For The Holidays

What does your fur-baby like to dress up in? Do you only dress them up at Halloween or every day? There are so many options to dress your pets up, including safety raincoats and jackets. Whatever the occasion, I know one thing for sure- the best part about dressing up your pets is taking them for a ride to show them off.

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Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day ?

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