Mom Taxi: Car Snacks for Traveling

10 Convenient Car Snacks To Keep On Hand
When you're a mom taxi, shuttling your kids from one place to the other, consider these 10 convenient car snacks when traveling.

Do you feel like you and your family live in your car?

I do. Like most moms, the time spent in taxi mode can add up, especially in traffic.   Between daily driving and road trips as a family traveling the beautiful state of California, snacks in the car are a must for traveling.

Car Snacks

Not all snacks are created equal, especially when traveling.

However, not all snacks are created equal. Convenient car snacks should be easy to toss in a bag, minimal on the mess – or at least as minimal as they can be, and withstand the test of time and variance in temperatures.

Car snacks ease the hunger when traveling.

Before heading out on your next car trip, pack these convenient car snacks to keep everyone happy.

  1. Fruit leather – Individually packaged and available in multiple flavors, fruit leather strips are convenient and make it easy to keep everyone happy. Just keep some wet wipes on hand for sticky fingers.
  2. Dried fruit – We love Brothers All Natural dried apples and pears and they are perfect when you need a light snack to buy some time before your actual meal.
  3. Peanuts or Almonds – I package these in small Ziploc bags so they are ready to grab when we are heading out the door.
  4. Applesauce pouches – GoGo Squeez and Tree Top make tons of fun flavors that keep kids happy. They are really refreshing when they are cold so if you are traveling with a cooler, toss them in to enjoy later.
  5. Goldfish or small crackers – The key here is bite sized because single bite crackers mean fewer crumbs in your seats!
    Car Snacks For Kids

    When we’re shuttling our kids from school to activities, packing convenient car snacks is a must.

  6. String cheese – String cheese is packed with protein and holds up pretty well if it is not eaten right away.
  7. Dried cereal – I still love dried cereal and with all of the healthy options out there it makes for a great car snack.
  8. Peeled tangerines – Peel them before you leave the house and they are mess free for the most part. We always keep wet wipes in our car to clean up after fruit and other sticky situations.
  9. Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks – These are lower calorie and make for a great snack for mom and dad, too! I love caramel corn and apple cinnamon.
  10. Cereal bars – Cereal bars make for a good grab and go option that allow kids to choose the flavor they want.

Which snacks are convenient for your family in the car?



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