Mini Cooper Goes Electric for 2025 and Finally, Is an Electric Car to Consider

In the past, Mini Cooper has teased with an electric car that's fun and cute, but for 2025 the brand means business: 4 versions, ample power and a solid battery range.

2025 Mini Cooper Electric Cars
2025 Mini Cooper Electric Cars. Photo: Mini

More Miles, More Smiles — What We Expect from Mini! 

Mini Cooper rolled out the latest iteration of both design and technology in Munich this week, and it’s about time: Finally, this cute, fun character has an electric car version that will give electric car buyers who don’t want a car that looks like all the others on the road. 

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The Interior Of The 2025 Mini Cooper Electric Car

The interior of the 2025 Mini Cooper electric car. The single screen houses all the functions, and the gear selector is now a toggle rather than a shifter. Photo: Mini

Two Styles with Two Power Options Each

For Mini’s 2025 electric car line-up, there are two styles to choose from: the 2-door Mini Cooper hatch, which keeps its traditional small stature, or a 4-door Countryman SUV-esque version, which is now longer, larger, and roomier.

Each will have two power options: Sporty and Sportier. 

Base model Mini Cooper E will carry a 184 horsepower-generating motor with a 190 mile electric range and 214 torque. The SE model will generate 218 HP, 243 torque  and 250 miles on a charge. 

The Countryman E will produce 204 HP, 184 torque, and range up to 287 miles. The SE ALL 4 carries two electric motors (hence the all-wheel drive) generating 313 HP, 364 torque, and up to 269 miles of range.

And, there will be 4 trim levels to choose from: Essential, Classic, Favoured, and JCW  — for John Cooper Works.

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The Power Port In The Mini Cooper Electric Car

The power port in the Mini Cooper electric car. Photo: Mini

Better Electric Engineering for the Win

Mini has completely rethought its approach to electric driving. This is a huge improvement over the existing Mini electric versions, which are fun but have a fairly short battery range of around 100 miles. 

Mini has replaced the battery system with one that is larger, faster charging, and more efficient. All versions are expected to recharge up to 80% in 30 at a DC fast charger and overnight at a level 2 charger — which most electric car owners install at home.

Then, designers have introduced tweaks and finesses that make the Mini even more efficient: Flush door handles, sleeker exterior surfaces, and simple modern lines. All this adds up to better airflow, less resistance, and less energy use.  

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The Interior Of The Mini Countryman Electric Car

The interior of the Mini Countryman electric car. Photo: Mini

But, Still All Mini 

The 2025 electric Mini models will still carry the Mini look, with the long hood, flat top, short stance, wide wheels, and a rear gate. No sloped rooflines or fancy spoilers. The company likes to call it a go-kart for daily driving, and they promise it’ll have that feel and experience behind the wheel.

The Countryman takes a bit more license on the Mini design: It is longer, larger, and more spacious. Pair that with the solid range and all-wheel drive, and it’s a car that can handle family duty both around town and on road trips with charge stations along the way.

Inside, the interior is still inventive and cheeky, taking its own path to design. For the 2025 electric model, the effect is stepped up with a single large round display — rather than the two found in the gas models — at the center of the dash. 

This is where all functions and information are found, though buyers can opt for a head-up display so that all key information — such as speed, navigation, and battery level— are displayed in front of the driver. 

The multimedia system will also have a feature that we really love: “Hey Mini!” voice-activated assistance. Just set the wake word, and then, for navigation, temperature, music, or to find the closest charge station, ask Mini. 

Our only question is, will the assistant carry a Beatle-esque Liverpudlian accent? A more modern Manchester Manc brogue? Or go all in on the fun in pure Cockney? 

Either way, we can’t wait. 

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The Electric Mini Cooper And Countryman

The electric Mini Cooper and Countryman. Photo: Mini

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