Tires Are a Game Changer, and Now In the World of Gran Turismo, Even More

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Michelin X Gran Tourismo

Photo: Michelin Media

Michelin gives players an advantage on the small screen too.

What do you get when you pair up a leading high-performance tire company with a gaming company that provides the best virtual driving experience for gamers? A perfect match and an even more thrilling game.

Sony Playstation, maker of Gran Turismo, chose Michelin Tires to become the “official tire supplier of FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships,” and also the “official tire technology partner.” And fans are excited. In addition to having the knowledge of Michelin’s technology to gain an edge in the game, it’s expected that Michelin will also add to the road-feel that gamers get in playing the game.

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Michelin X Gran Tourismo

A glimpse of how players are able to choose Michelin tires in the game. Photo: Michelin Media

Michelin + Gran Tourismo: a Perfect Match

Both brands are globally known for providing a leading-edge racing experience: Gran Tourismo for providing the best virtual driving experience and Michelin for its high-performance tires. Both are passionate brands that have reached the highest levels in their industries. And both care about their consumers and their experiences. Together with Gran Turismo, Michelin takes yet another innovative leap as it shows its digital leadership in mobility.

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How Michelin Gets in the Game

Players will see Michelin branding throughout the game. They’ll see on-track branding elements and scenography from famous Gran Tourismo has added a new Michelin section on the Gran Turismo Sport “Brand Central” virtual museum that introduces players to Michelin’s history in the motorsport world. There’s also tire technology in the “tuning” section of the game where Michelin is available.

But that’s not the end of it. Michelin will also change the game, both on the screen and on the road.

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Gran Tourismo: Another Star in the Michelin Universe

Michelin’s heritage is rich in racing. The company has been building top notch racing partnerships throughout its 124 year history, from its first Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race that the company ran to prove the integrity of its air-filled tires, to developing technology with wins at 24 Hours of Le Mans, Formula E electric racing and more. The company regards the race track as its ultimate research and development lab.
Gran Turismo will be no different. By collaborating with Sony, Michelin will be able to learn, simulate and test ideas in real time with gamers. The game delivers the ultimate virtual driving experience, and racers are able to test the same skills and precision as real-world driving experts. Gran Turismo Sport is exclusively available on PlayStation 4, and when the Michelin partnership debuts in October, 2019, it will be free to players.

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