Messy Car? Try Our Cleaning Tips to Keep it Clean (and Sane)

Stick With Me, My Friend And I Will Teach You Some Things Like Car Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Car Clean And Organized. 
I have a box of cleaning supplies from all purpose cleaning spray to Drop Wipes. ? Kim S.


Stick With Me, My Friend And I Will Teach You Some Things Like Car Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Car Clean And Organized.&Nbsp;

Stick with me, my friend and I will teach you some things like car cleaning tips to help keep your car clean and organized. ? Kim S.

Messy cars are out!

Clean, sanctuary-like cars are in. Try these car cleaning hacks to help keep your car clean and organized. 

I have seen the memes about moms and their messy cars. I think that is a myth. Not all mom’s cars are messy. I am proof of that.  Perhaps it is my star sign, Virgo, that has provided me with an affinity for having all things neat and clean – even my car. My trunk with its many shoes is organized, my kids have a space for their things, and somehow, my front passenger seat hasn’t turned into a hoarder’s nest. But how do I keep from having a messy car, especially as a mom? I have a few cleaning hacks that help me keep the car clean, and now, you’ll get to know them too.

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When Kids Have Specific Places To Place Their Toys, It Is Easy To Keep The Car Looking Clean

When kids have specific places to place their toys, it is easy to keep the car looking clean.
? Kim S.

Everything Needs A Place

Since most of my time is spent in my car – driving to work, running errands, visiting family – I treat my car as my sanctuary. Sanctuaries are not cluttered or dirty. They are clean and inviting, and everything has its place. The same should apply for your car. 

Recycle boxes or crates to use as trunk organizers. Instead of discarding boxes used for reams of paper, I designate one each to help keep my trunk organized. I have a box for shoes and a box for car cleaning items. I have a trunk that is neat. When I need to haul things on a whim, I don’t have to move things around like a jigsaw puzzle to get things to fit.

Backseat organizers and seat protectors work wonders if you have children. I know from experience that kids can turn a pristinely clean car into what looks like a junkyard. But having a place for your children to place their things like toys, notepads, pencils, etc. makes keeping your car clean easier. An added benefit of having backseat organizers is that it also protects your seats from getting scuffed by kids’ kicks.

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Car Cleaning Hacks Seat Protectors

Rear passenger seat protectors help keep your seats clean from sticky messes, especially when you have children. ? Kim S.

Always Keep A Spare Disposable Bag In Your Car

Another car cleaning hack I swear by is having a place to dispose of your daily trash.  These days we are using hand sanitizing wipes a lot more when we head out. These can accumulate – if you let them. I find that having a trash bag for your car helps with keeping trash from piling up.

I recommend keeping a small box or Ziploc bag filled with disposable bags. The box or Ziploc bag helps keep car trash bags easily accessible and organized. 

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Keep A Portable Vacuum In Your Trunk

Or buy a car with one! I own a portable vacuum. With children in my car or even my husband, I find having a car vacuum is a must. It takes care of crumbs as well as dried up mud or dust that can accumulate. 

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I Own A Portable Vacuum. With Children In My Car Or Even My Husband, I Find Having A Car Vacuum Is A Must. It Takes Care Of Crumbs As Well As Dried Up Mud Or Dust That Can Accumulate.&Nbsp;

Keeping a portable vacuum helps to keep your car clean anywhere you go. ? Kim S.

The Exterior Matters, Too!

Car messiness not only includes the interior but can also take over the exterior of the vehicle. Do you know what I dislike most? Getting a fresh car wash to only find my windshield covered in bird poop! Because I have fallen victim to having my car painted in bird droppings, I’ve learned to keep a few packets of Drop Wipes in the console of my car. These soft bamboo wipes are conveniently packed in individual packets containing one wet and one dry wipe. They are designed to effectively remove everything from bird poop to dry insects on your windshield without affecting the exterior paint.

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Stick With Me, My Friend And I Will Teach You Some Things Like Car Cleaning Tips To Help Keep Your Car Clean And Organized.&Nbsp;

I keep a box of cleaning supplies from all-purpose cleaning spray to Drop Wipes. ? Kim S.

No one should drive around with a messy car. Try these car cleaning hacks and tips to help keep your car clean, clutter, and mess-free!

No One Should Drive Around With A Messy Car. Try These Car Cleaning Hacks And Tips To Help Keep Your Car Clean, Clutter, And Mess-Free!

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