Mazda Miata: The MX5 RF Might Be the BEST Car for Getting Back to Being You

Mazda Miata Mx5 Rf
Mazda MX5 RF

The Mazda Miata MX5 RF is the coolest mom-mobile ever!

I get it. Maybe you’re feeling the mid-life crush. Momming and adulting and life IS hard, yo! So you deserve a car that will get you back to being you. Badly. I feel you! But, budget, baby. You can’t blow the budget!

That’s why the Mazda MX5 RF Miata GT is the perfect mid-life crush car.

Read All the facts, including, price and critical details, about Mazda MX5 Miata here.

Yes, It’s OK to Feel Badass

The Miata is a roadster, meaning it’s a two-seater with either a hardtop or soft-top convertible. The hardtop looks pretty cool as it’s lifting off, “converting,” and is sure to turn heads. And, it’s more weather-friendly than a soft-top.

This, and for other reasons (keep reading) is why the Mazda MX5 RF Miata is the BEST mid-life crush car for you. Hands. Down.

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Mazda Miata Lifestyle Shot

What a fun city car! ?: Connie Peters

The Price Will Keep Your Wallet Happy

The RF (hard-top) starts at $32,345 USD /$39,900 CAD ($48,4995 CAD as tested for the GT and shown herein)  means you don’t need to re-mortgage the house for your fun car. Compared to many roadsters on the market, all but the Fiat Spider in fact, the MX-5 is priced to buy.

Mazda Mx5 Miata Side

Just look at those shiny red calipers and Brembo brakes on the front. ?: Connie Peters

You can start with an even lower budget, however, if you’re okay with the soft-top, cloth seating MX-5 Club and Sport models at $25,730 USD or $32,900 CAD.

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Mazda Top-Down Datenight

Seating for only two means DATE NIGHT! Photo: Connie Peters

It “Only” Seats Two

And that’s what you want. I know it seems frivolous when you have children, (I get it, I have 3!) but I had the MX5 this past week and my daughters had to take turns going for rides with me. Sometimes an “I’m sorry, I can’t this week, I only have a two-seater,” sounds magical to my own ears as I turn down an opportunity to drive extra kids, or do a silly errand with several of them.

Top Down On Mazda Miata

The top coming off on the Mazda MX5 is pretty darn bad a$$! ?: Connie Peters

It’s a Convertible. And, it’s a Hardtop.

Take the top down at the touch of a button, and experience the wind in your hair! The top pops back on so easily again when you arrive at the office for the day.

I felt a bit bada$$ taking the top-down every time I left a parking lot.

Top Removing On Mazda Mx5

The way the Mazda MX5 opens is sexy! ?: Connie Peters

Who is This Car For?

I think it’s perfect for me! Can I get a mid-life crush car, please? I have three kids and we had so much fun taking turns on who could go for a sunny top-down ride with me, and my husband and I loved it for date-night!

In all seriousness, this car is great for:

  • Empty nesters ready for fun
  • Young professionals who live in the city or have a commute pre-kids
  • Families who can afford to have a fun occasional-use car
  • Drivers who just want to have fun behind the wheel

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Manual Transmission

I loved the Nappa leather + manual 6-speed transmission on the Grand Sport package Mazda MX5. ?: Connie Peters

You Can Get a Manual Transmission

Who’s first car was a ‘standard’, or manual transmission? *hands up!* It makes me feel young, sporty, and in control to drive a manual transmission. The Mazda MX5 RF is one of the few cars on the road that comes in a stick shift. Yes, an automatic transmission is available on the MX5 RF, but stick with manual for more fun. I felt 16 again!

And THAT is a great way to beat the mid-life crush!

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Disclosure: I was provided the Mazda MX5 RF GT by Mazda Canada to write this post.

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