Lusting after a Tesla? Model S P85D Offers Even More To Love

Tesla Super Charger Station
Tesla super charger station

Tesla Model S P85D is faster, with longer battery and AWD

Model S P85DTesla aficionados now have even more bragging rights. The newest Tesla, Model D, will have a longer range, all wheel drive and offer hands free driving.

The Model D, actually an upgrade of the Model S, is currently named the Model S P85D. It will be super fast; CEO Elon Musk was quoted in USA Today as saying the ride is “like having your own personal roller coaster.”

But this is no amusement park curiosity. The Model S P85D has two motors to accomplish that all wheel drive, so you can drive an environmentally sensitive vehicle in winter conditions.

Model S P85D

Tesla super charger station

And though super charger stations are growing in California, they are more limited in the east, so the longer battery life and extended range make the Tesla more reasonable outside the west coast.

The car will also have a laundry list of the latest self-driving features: hands free steering, autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control, and self parking.

There is even a way for the car to pick you up (as long as you are on private property) by itself, but what’s the fun in that? You will want more time behind the wheel of this car.

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