Watch Lexus V-LCRO Technology in Action

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Lexus learns not to take itself too seriously.

Lexus is once again at the forefront of performance car design with its new V-LCRO technology. Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation (V-LCRO) securely holds drivers in their seats allowing for more aggressive driving.

According to Brian Bolain, general manager, Lexus product and consumer marketing, “The RC F and GS F are exhilarating, racing-inspired vehicles. By partnering with Velcro Companies, our new V-CLRO technology enhances the driver’s ability to maximize the cars’ track-proven performance.”


The specially designed seat. Credit: Lexus

This new technology also includes a line of custom-tailored seats to fully take advantage of this breakthrough technology. Not only will Lexus enthusiasts enjoy an unparalleled driving experience, they’ll sport custom seats unlike any other. That’s only the beginning of how this technology can be applied.

We at A Girls Guide to Cars would love to see this integrated into custom car seats. Possibly even a line of children’s apparel for kids who no longer need cars seats but are still prone to squirming about and annoying their siblings over the imaginary line that divides the car in two.

No word on when we’ll see V-CLRO available in showrooms or pricing on this new feature, but we think you’ll agree that it’s worth the cost once you see how it works. Watch the video below, and be sure to stick around to the very end.

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