Dreaming of Spring? Dreaming of a New Car? Do Your Dreaming at the Kansas City Auto Show

Kansas City Auto Show

A Girls Guide to Cars and Toyota are Headed to KC This Weekend and We Have Free Tickets for You!

Spring is just around the corner and nothing makes you feel fresh and renewed like a new car.

Think about it: Open the sun roof to feel that warm spring sunshine on your shoulders. Roll down those clean, un-streaked windows to feel the wind in your hair. Admire a beautiful fresh new color among the pops of green grass and the first flower blossoms of the season.

There’s no spring cleaning like cleaning out your garage with a plush, new ride.

We are heading to the Kansas City Auto Show in partnership with Toyota to help kick off the annual auto show (and Twin Cities next week!). Join us and take a look at what should be in your garage this spring.

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2018 Houston Auto Show

A Girls Guide to Cars brought women together at the Houston Auto Show. Bring a friend to the Kansas City Auto Show! Photo: Scotty Reiss

Did You Know the Auto Show is The Best Shopping Mall Ever???

This is the perfect place for a girl to shop for a car. Why start such a serious discussion for your next car at the dealership? That is where your shopping should end, not start.

This is why we love the auto show:

  • Pressure-free, stress free car shopping; you can’t actually buy a car at an auto show
  • You can ask a ton of questions. Auto shows are staffed by product specialists who are highly trained and knowledgeable about the models on display. They can answer technical and mechanical questions, tell you about the car’s features and more
  • Take a test drive. Drive all the models on hand and get a feel for the car’s technology, active safety features and infotainment system. Even family members can hop in the car and give you an opinion (be sure to check the ride and drive rules for details about who can ride along)
  • Shop across models or brands; it would take all week to do the comparison shopping you can do in one day at the show
  • Get a primer on technology, such as Toyota Safety Sense, a suite of safety systems that can prevent a crash, keep you focused in your lane and make driving easier at night
  • Can’t decide SUV or minivan? Small crossover or full sized SUV? Sedan or hatchback? This is the place to try them all out
  • Find a luxury car that meets your budget. Not all luxury models are astronomically priced
  • Learn why trucks are so popular (keep reading for more on this!)
  • Get price information and start to plan your new car budget
  • Learn about incentives, special pricing and manufacturer rebates

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Then, shop Your Dreams: Luxury? Adventure? Truck? Sporty Car?

You know what you need in a new car, but how do you decide which which one fits all your needs? Here’s a start:

Luxury Girl: You need elegance around you. You need style, too. Leather seating isn’t an option, it’s a must. You love learning how new technology enhances your life and don’t mind taking the time to learn it.

Take a look at the Toyota Avalon, the newly redesigned top of the line sedan outfitted with premium details and features, from leather seating   and hand stitching to top tech like a Qi wireless phone charger, Apple Car Play and this car connects to Amazon Alexa! Talk about luxury: turn on the lights, cue up your favorite playlist and order dinner from the car on your way home from work.

Adventure Girl: Maybe the best thing about Spring is getting back outside after hibernating all winter. From mudding runs to rafting the rapids, we can’t wait get back to trails and rivers. And it’s not just us; this has become a huge trend. Toyota has seen customers asking for cars that make this easier with exteriors that aren’t as easily damaged by gravel roads and underbrush, and interiors that are easier to clean after an active weekend in the wild.

So, the RAV4 Adventure was born. This popular SUV has higher ground clearance, dynamic all wheel drive and protective coating on the rocker panels and wheel wells. Inside it has comforts like heated seats and steering wheel, all-weather floor and cargo mats that easily rinse off and a household plug — a feature we really, truly love.

Truck Girl: This girl has our heart. Like her, we are also addicted to Fixer Upper and its sister shows on HGTV and dream of hauling drywall and demo day. But in reality, a run to the garden center, a impulse stop at the antique store or helping a friend move furniture is the reason to have one of these in our driveway.

Toyota has focused on trucks more and more, making them more comfortable and car-like than ever. They are filled with luxuries and conveniences, like comfortable seating, Entune infotainment system, a quiet ride, storage options and more. It’ll make you forget you’re in a truck, until you need to haul 1,000 lbs of garden pavers and save the delivery fee  doing it.

Sporty Girl: Aren’t we all Millennials, or at least at heart? Some of us anyway. Maybe the greatest reason to be envious of Millennials are the great choices they have, including entry level cars that offer cutting edge  design and style.

Meet the Toyota C-HR, which stands for Coupe High Rider. It’s highly designed for a modern, aggressive look and sized for a tight crew. And it has a drive experience that intends to remind us all that driving is fun. Priced at just $22,000 it’s a great option for a new buyer (or parent lending a hand to a new driver).

Our look at the Toyota RAV4

Did We Say You Can Win Tickets? Yes We Did!

Just enter below for tickets to the Kansas City Auto Show. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #ToyotaRocksKC. And visit the show and check out all that Toyota has at the show and start your Spring Dreaming!

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Contest rules: Entries must be completed by midnight March 1, 2018. No purchase necessary; contest open only to US residents and subject to the laws of  Kansas. Winners will be notified by email by March 2, 2018. Winners MUST pick up tickets in person at the Kansas City Auto Show, 301 West 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64105, between March 1, 2018 and March 4, 2018. Winners may be asked to provide identification to receive their prize. Prize value $22 per prize, not exchangeable for cash or other items. Grand prize value is $122. A total of 10 pairs of tickets will be awarded and a total of 1 grand prize will be awarded.

The Kansas City Auto Show runs from March 1-March 4, 2018, Downtown Kansas City, 301 West 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64105

Disclosure: This post is part of a program sponsored by Toyota.

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