Infiniti Q60 Red Sport: the Sports Coupe You Need

Infiniti Q60 Red Sport

Everyone needs to experience driving a luxury sportscar sometime in their lifetime.

It’s just FUN! And it may change the way you feel about driving. I got to test drive the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport and it was just…WOW. See, I mostly write about family cars. My audience is family-focused and where my experience lies. However, last week I was in for a real treat with the 2019 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport Coupe! This was my first experience with a Coupe, and one with 400 hp at that.

Q60 And Fall Trees

The Infiniti Q60 matches our Fall Foliage. ?: Connie Peters

The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport is a Real Head Turner

Talk about style and fun all wrapped up in a pretty package with a sublime white leather interior and shiny candy apple red color! You would not believe how many looks this car gets on the street and pretty much every stoplight and parking lot. this car is just plain hot.

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Q60 Rear Spoiler

Real Carbon Fiber rear spoiler on the Red Sport trim. ?: Connie Peters

You Need to Go with the Red Sport 400

The Infiniti Q60 starts at $41,350 USD or $53,695 CAD (includes AWD in Canada) for the 300 horsepower base model V6. The Red Sport (‘I-Line Red Sport in Canada) takes you up to the speedier, and very fun to drive 400 horsepower V6. I loved the sound of this engine very much, it takes you from the stoplight to the school parking lot lightening fast, if you want it to.

The Red Sport trim also includes upgrades like:

  • Red painted brake calipers (front and back)
  • Exterior badging
  • 20” black painted wheels
  • Carbon fiber rear spoiler
  • Brushed satin finish dual exhaust tips
  • Sport brakes
  • Power tilt and telescopic steering wheel
  • Memory seating and steering adjust
  • Paddle shifting option for Manual driving
  • Blacked-out front grille

It handles like a dream, in every mode.

The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport starts at $57,150 USD with an additional $2000 to go to All-wheel-drive. In Canada, AWD is standard and the Red Sport starts at $65,295 CAD.

Q60 White Leather Interior

The driver cabin is comfortable and stylish. ?: Connie Peters

Settings Made to Fit Your Needs

The drive modes are Standard, Personal, Sport, Sport+ and Snow (when you have the AWD model). I didn’t set up my Personal drive mode, but I love the idea that you can adjust the different drive mode settings to a drive feel that is personalized just for you!

Q60 Driver Cockpit

The infotainment and gearbox on the Infiniti Q60. ?: Connie Peters

A Customizable Drive

This means that you can customize a drive mode (Personal) to your preferences, use Standard for every day driving and use Sport or Sport+ when you feel the need for speed.

Q60 Front Grille

This blacked-out front grille is unique to the Red Sport trim. ?: Connie Peters

What is Sport Mode Anyway?

When you choose Sport or Sport+ mode in your car, a few things happen and it is different in each car:

  • Transmission: The transmission may keep you in a lower gear longer to increase acceleration (faster, quicker).
  • Suspension: The suspension may tighten, giving you a firmer feel for the road, you’ll feel the bumps in the road more.
  • Exhaust: The exhaust mode may change – either actually changing the way the engine exhausts gasses, or simply enhancing the sound of the exhaust, making it sound sportier (aka louder).
  • Steering: The steering may tighten, increasing the car’s responsive around corners and turns.
  • Throttle: The throttle increases the fuel and power to the engine, helping acceleration as well.

Yes, you guessed it, you will lose fuel economy when in Sport or Sport+ modes in any car (unless we’re talking fully electric vehicles, of course).

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Latch In Q60

There is room for two car seats with LATCH and Tether. ?: Connie Peters

I Loved all the Sounds in this Car

I’m a blast-a-good-song-in-the-car kind-of driver. See my playlist for this one below, but in all honesty, I kept the stereo low about half of the week, simply because I loved the sound of this motor, both inside and outside of the car.

Having said that, the Bose Performance Series sound system was very impressive and I loved blasting my playlist every now and then when I wasn’t admiring the sound of the motor while driving! The 13-speaker system even has speakers all along the top of the dashboard, I truly enjoyed it.

Have a listen to the acceleration from inside the car …


The Cargo Space for a Coupe is not Horrible

The rear seats fold flat for cargo so you do have enough room to bring the donations into the local second-hand store or bring home a medium-sized painting from the décor store.

You’d also have space for a small stroller and some groceries.

Q60 Trunk Space

Cargo space in the Q60 ?: Connie Peters

Space for Four … but can it be Four Adults?

The rear seats are comfortable and have clear easy attachments for both LATCH and Tethers, but with a two-door coupe, I’m not sure I’d want to be wrestling with an infant bucket seat in the back. A booster or forward-facing car seat would be completely fine.

I sat in the back to show you how much legroom you’ll have, which isn’t much since I’m only 5’1”. I don’t think an adult would want to spend too much time in this rear seat.

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Infiniti Q60 Shopping

Shopping day in the Q60! ?: Connie Peters

It’s the Designer Shopping Day Car

You feel like a million bucks while driving in the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport, it makes you feel like you need to go on a designer shopping spree. But alas, a girl can dream.


Q60 Driver Door

White leather trims the interior doors. ?: Connie Peters

Everyone Deserves a Fun car!

I thoroughly enjoyed my week with the oh-so-sporty Infiniti Q60 Red Sport coupe. If you’re looking for a fun, hot ride- this may just be it!

Songs I listened to while driving the Q60 Red Sport…


Disclosure: The Infiniti Q60 was provided for one week by Infiniti/Nissan Canada for the purpose of review.

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