If You Give a Mom a Camaro, She’ll Need an Awesome Road Trip to Go With It

A Girls Guide To Cars | If You Give A Mom A Camaro, She’ll Need An Awesome Road Trip To Go With It - 2016 Camaro

Taking the Camaro SS (a loaner, not a gift) through its paces.

I love my kids, but I just need to get away from them every once in a while. Far away. So when I was invited to fly across the country and test out a 2016 Camaro SS, with no obligations besides dropping off the car on time (and enjoying myself) I jumped at the chance.

Sports car, freedom to roam, no one complaining or puking? Oh, yeah.

Chevrolet invited me on their #FindNewRoads fun tour, a super fast and super fun adventure where I spent three days, with fellow writer Kristin Barclay, tooling around North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, and ending up in Salt Lake City.

Should a 52-year-old have this much fun?


Kids: Don’t try this at home. Kristin Barclay cutting loose. Credit: Rene Syler for AGirlsGuidetoCars

I admit a bit of trepidation; I hadn’t driven a stick shift in awhile and was this sports car going to be comfortable? We spend A LOT of time in the car, driving to the Fargo Air Museum in North Dakota, Deadwood, South Dakota, Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming, stopping for lunch in Park City, Utah just cuz and let me tell you, that Camaro was very easy on my bones.

Creature comforts beyond contoured seats

Did you know that OnStar can book your hotel room? Since we didn’t have an agenda, we just fired up the OnStar concierge, told her what town we were headed to, and the OnStar representative made our reservation. Seamless!

Watch the video to see some of the trip highlights:

My takeaway

Although I relished my time alone, I truly can’t wait to take my kids on a road trip. From the moment you get in the car, it’s an adventure. You meet so many more people and see so much more than just flying somewhere. And I think it’s Good Enough!

Note: I was Chevrolet’s guest on this incredible trip; they paid my expenses but the fun (and opinions) are my own.


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