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This Christmas, things are a little different. So, we thought we would share some of our holiday traditions with you.

This is the first time I’ll be celebrating Christmas away from my immediate family. Crazy, right? My parents divorced when I was young, and they moved to opposite ends of the country. For most of my childhood, Christmas was one of the few times I got to see my mom, and I always cherished that time. As I grew into an adult, we kept that tradition.

But because of COVID-19 this year, I’m celebrating the holidays in Canada with my husband and his family. Traditions have been keenly on my mind as I realize how many of my family’s traditions are different from my husband’s family. Instead of decorating the Christmas tree immediately after Thanksgiving dinner, we went out and got a real tree. Instead of ignoring the outdoor decorations, we put tons of lights. Instead of decorating sugar cookies, we’re decorating salt dough clay ornaments.

It’s been weird and a little tough, but it’s also been really nice. It’s a sign of resilience that we’ve all been able to adjust to a strange year, including around the holidays, when traditions mean so much.

But I’ve also been able to take many of my family’s traditions and share them with my husband’s family. We’re making the same eggnog cake I always do with my mom (it is obscenely good). We’re saving A Christmas Story for Christmas Eve, just like I do with my family. I’ve also requested Hot Wheels for my Christmas stocking, since that’s been a tradition for me since I was born.


But that’s not all.

Several of our contributors pitched in to share some of their favorite holiday traditions.

From Scotty Reiss: “Ours has always been getting our Christmas Tree at Stew Leonards in Norwalk, CT. We go to the tree lot, pick out our tree, pay for it, get a hot cocoa, then get in the car and drive through the tree line. They give the tree trunk a fresh cut, cover the tree in mesh and tie it to the top of the car. Then we go home and start decorating. It’s been a great family ritual every year!”

Jill Robbins adds: “We have Christmas breakfast at my dad’s house. There are 6 grandchildren all around the same age and the kids draw names. We open presents and eat and then everyone scatters. We sometimes go to a movie on Christmas night.”

I love the sound of Erica Mueller‘s holidays plans: “We bake Christmas cookies together and even the adults pile into the kitchen to decorate them.”

Jenn Mitchell‘s routine is a good one: “We get a real tree every year from our local scout troop. Then we decorate the tree as a family and usually where santa hats while we do.”

Happy Holidays

Photo: Jennifer Mitchell

Christmas this year is a little strange, sure.

But we’re all making the most of things as best we can. From everyone at A Girls Guide to Cars, we wish you a very happy, fruitful, and healthy holiday season. And let us know what holiday traditions you’re keeping alive or starting this year.

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