GM’s Past, Present and Future

Dan Akerson, Former Ceo General Motors, Introducing The Volt
Dan Akerson, former CEO of General Motors, introduces the Chevrolet Volt

An Expert View On How The Changing Of the Guard Will Shape GM’s Future

How does the change in leadership at GM position the company for the future? And what does it mean for you, the car buyer? Is this just more posturing or is the company poised to grow and lead the global auto industry?

David Kiley, long-time auto journalist and noted expert on the car biz recently took a look at the changing of the guard and what it means to the company, and to the industry, for Automobile magazine. Kiley illustrates how the company’s culture has changed and how new leaders are setting the stage for the future.

We also had a chance to talk recently with Javier Mota of Autos 0-60 about the changes at General Motors, which we learned a lot about when we visited the automaker recently.

If you’re a current GM customer or considering becoming one, it’s good to know more about the character of the company whose cars you spend so much time in and that you trust your family’s safety to.

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