How to Keep Your Car Germ Free this Flu Season

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This cold and flu season has been brutal.

And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The CDC has announced that the Coronavirus is spreading quickly and may hit the U.S. soon. Instead of panicking, we need to be prepared and take preventative measures to avoid any illnesses. This means keeping your home and workspace clean AND your car. Here’s how to keep your car germ free this flu season.

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How to Keep Your Car Germ Free

  1. Wipe down all surfaces regularly (especially door handles and frequently touch areas) using medical-grade disinfecting spray or wipes
  2. If you have car seats, regularly wash the seat’s fabric and wipe down the base.
  3. Regularly wash your reusable bags. Yes, you read that right. Our awesome reusable bags that help save the environment can pick up some nasty germs at the supermarket (salmonella, anyone?) or in the car and bring it home.
  4. Change your cabin air filter. It keeps out dust, pollen, pollution. It can help make breathing easier if you have allergies or asthma, too.
  5. Vacuum the car! Dust and pollen can aggravate anyone with a cough or congestion. Again- especially if they have allergies or asthma.
  6. Don’t forget the exterior! Exterior car door handles should also get wiped down to avoid passing germs.
  7. Last but not least, wipe down your keys. Yep, germs live there, too.

Fun Facts: Did you know that Norovirus and stomach related viruses are most commonly found on the steering wheel?! You may want to wipe that down regularly and if you’re out shopping for a new car, sanitize those hands! 

Car seats have been found to have more germs than the toilet! It’s no wonder the little ones get so sick so often! 

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What You Should Keep Handy in the Car

Now that you know what to disinfect, here’s what you’ll want to have handy inside the car.

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • A box of tissues
  • Cough drops
  • Water (to keep everyone hydrated)
  • Small trash bag to dispose of garbage
  • Febreeze or a can of Lysol (if you or your family members have allergies or asthma, do not use these. Consult with a doctor first)

Tip: Teach the kids to “cough like a vampire” and be considerate of others when they are sick. If they are contagious, have them wear a mask to prevent them from spreading germs. This applies to adults, too! 

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Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Wash your hands often
  • Wear driving gloves
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes
  • Stay hydrated (this will prevent you from getting sick)
  • Prepare your immune system by taking vitamins including Vitamin C


A Spanish word, translated to English means health and is used when a person sneezes or coughs wishing them good health. Hopefully, you’ve found some good tips and info and will be ready for a healthy, happy rest of the season.

Do you practice any of these rituals?

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