Want to Feel Like a Movie Star? Get the Genesis G90 – and a Chauffeur

A Girls Guide To Cars | Want To Feel Like A Movie Star? Get The Genesis G90 – And A Chauffeur - G90 Featured

You’ll be tempted to drive this powerful sedan, but here are six reasons why you’ll want to be driven.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a chauffeur and be driven everywhere you need to go? Me too! So when I got my first look at the Genesis G90, I knew exactly how it would feel – absolute luxury!

Sure, driving the Genesis G90 is smooth, quiet, with an all-powerful 420 horsepower V8. And at $75,000/US it’s well priced and deliver a lot of luxury, possibly much more than its competitors from BMWLexus or Cadillac. But nothing quite beats the feeling of the rear-seat luxury in this beauty.

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Genesis G90

This car is deserving of a Porte Cochère. Photo: Connie Peters

Here are 6 reasons the rear of the Genesis G90 makes you feel just a little like a movie star being driven to your next red carpet event!

1. Control All the Entertainment From the Back Seat

I have never ridden in the back of a car that let me control the music, both audio source and volume, from the rear seats. The center console in the back seat of the G90 is almost like second infotainment and driver console because it has all of the functionality a chauffeured passenger could need and more.

2. Rear Climate Control for a Little More Ahhhh…

Yes, even the climate control in the rear of the car can be adjusted in the rear by the passenger and is a separate zone from the front two seats. Your driver may need heat, while you may want to keep yourself cool for your calm cool arrival at the red carpet.

G90 Backseat

The backseat is fully luxury throughout. Photo: Connie Peters

3. Heated and Ventilated Seats

If the temperature isn’t quite right, add heated and cooled seating in the rear to make it even more comfortable. This comes in especially handy on hot days with a pet in the back seat. Extra ventilation for them is always a good thing!

G90 Profile

From the side, the G90 may be confused for a Bentley. Photo: Connie Peters

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4. Absolute Customizable Comfort

The seats in the rear (and front) are adjustable in every way, even a ‘Rest Mode’ in the back reclines the seat to give you time to close your eyes for a moment should your driver be stuck in traffic or you have an extra-long commute to the airport for your private-jet getaway.

The leather seating is soft and very cushioned as well as wide and spacious for any size human (or animal in the back).

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G90 ProfileThe Porte Cochère made for the Genesis G90. Photo: Connie Peters

5. Privacy and Sun Protection

The rear windows, all 3, have screens that are electronically controlled with the touch of a button. This was the first time I’d seen a rear window in a sedan with a window shade but it won’t be the last (just have a look at my upcoming Lexus ES300h story!)

6. More Goodies to Round Out the Luxury Experience

The G90 is filled with touches that make you feel like you really are on your way to a red carpet movie premiere, like high end finishes, a quiet cabin, rear mirrors, and coat hangers, not to mention exterior styling.

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G90 Grille

The menacing grille on the G90 is stunning. Photo: Connie Peters

So Let’s Talk About the Exterior Styling for a Moment

The lines and lights on the G90 are nothing short of beautiful. It was mistaken for a Bentley in several of my TikTok videos! The front grille is massive, but I love that. I know some don’t – but if you’re going to own a $90k luxury sedan, let people gawk at this massive grille coming at them, I say.

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G90 Driver Cockpit

Everything at your fingertips in the G90 driver cockpit. Photo: Connie Peters

The MSRP on the Genesis G90 is $89,878 CAD / $75,725  USD and includes all of the luxurious details at an all inclusive price.


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This car is truly a luxurious choice, from the exterior styling to the high-end finishes, to the rear-seat amenities. Whether you’re on the go with your family, an important client, or you really do have a driver of your own, the G90 will not disappoint.

Disclosure: The G90 was provided by Genesis Canada. All opinions are my own.

Genesis G90

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