Ford Wants You to Check On Your Car With Your Watch

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New watch app for e-vehicle owners.

Electric cars need to be charged and charging takes time. This is one of the big issues many have with the technology, but Ford is making it easier by letting you check the status of your car on your watch.

An updated version of the MyFord Mobile app lets owners of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles check their battery level and figure out how much driving range is available without having to run out to the car. No more wondering if your car has had enough time to charge while you’ve been having lunch or out shopping. The app let’s you know if your car is ready.

You can also set up the app to receive notifications when charging is done. This way you can move your car to free up the spot for others in need of a charging station. It could also save you a buck by avoiding the fees some stations charge when you remain in place for too long after charging is complete.

Smartphone connectivity


Ford’s C-Max Energi Hybrid

Ford joins other car companies in connecting cars to┬áboth Apple and Android smart watches; the Ford apps have been designed specifically for smartwatch displays including round faces. Apple Watch users can even choose to use the glance feature to launch the app and quickly see their car’s status.

Other features available include locking and unlocking, mileage summaries, last trip summaries with details on electric miles driven, and driving or walking directions back to your parked car. There’s also a Google Maps feature with pinch and zoom capability. This can show you the nearest charging stations should you end up someplace unfamiliar and need a boost.

The app currently works with Ford C-MAX Energi, Focus, and Fusion Energi vehicles.

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