Ford Pulls a Great Valentine’s Prank With The Mustang

A Girls Guide To Cars | Ford Pulls A Great Valentine'S Prank With The Mustang - 15Mustang Gt Embargoed 1201Am 12.05.13
The all new 2015 Mustang

Ford stunt features a car loved every day of the year.

Valentine’s Day is the holiday that people love to hate. It’s great if you are in love and want to celebrate with a night out, but if you’re currently not with anyone, then it can be a bit of a downer. Ford decided to take the celebration angle by combining love, a bit of humor, and the new Ford Mustang.

First Ford tricked out a shiny red Mustang with lots of hidden cameras to capture the faces of the people inside going for a ride. Those people included a woman who is a professional stunt driver and some completely unwitting guys.

The guys were all under the impression that they were going on a blind date with the driver who happens to be a very pretty blonde. You know, the kind of woman most guys assume know nothing about how to drive a car. A couple of guys even make comments about helping her drive when she feigns trouble figuring out how to shift.

After pretending to get all kinds of lost, she pulls into a parking lot to turn around and shows them just how much she knows about driving a car. There are squealing tires. There is tire smoke. There are guys who are stunned, freaking out, and having a heck of a good time as she gives them the rides of their lives.

It’s a fun stunt and the guys get full marks for being good sports about having the date they’ll never forget all captured on video for the world’s enjoyment.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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