Need a Great Father’s Day Gift? Framed Prints of Car Posters Dress Up Your Walls

Car Poster Framed Art Featured Image

Adding something he likes to your decor doesn’t have to be painful. And, enter to win!

We all have them in our lives: the car nut. He stops in parking lots to drool over a vintage model he remembers from childhood, he dreams of the exotic car he’ll buy when he wins the lottery and he obsesses over his baby’s next detailing. And, he’d love to look at cars inside the house, too.

But those pin-up girl calendars and the grease-stained posters are not making it to the walls of your family room. They belong in the basement, or even better, in the trash.

There’s a better way.

When Carrera Toys, the legendary European slot car brand,  needed to decorate their North American headquarters not long ago, they turned to The company has a growing collection of automotive artwork archived in its warehouse in New Jersey, which includes limited production lithographic prints, canvas prints and scalable digital images, all of which can be printed in a range of sizes. Carrera selected two of Ray Foster’s marvelous muscle-era prints – “Going West” and “Ventura Freeway” – as well as a trio of European-styled prints by artist KC Haxton.

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Car Poster Framed Art

“1967 Charger 2” by Naxart

Add a Pop of Car Color to Any Room—Even the Garage

Henry Ford famously said “any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Clearly, Mrs. Ford hadn’t had her say yet.

And while the most popular car color choices may still be black, white and silver, our indoors are filled with color, which rivals form and function as a design principle. Framed Art gets this; the company’s catalogue has car prints in wide range of color choices, far more than the typical car comes in.

Many people think of cars as contrary to their interior decor, choosing images of beaches, mountains and flower-covered fields to inspire a relaxing home. But there are plenty of car-themed prints with in a variety of styles and themes to both help you relax and to inspire your leisure time.

Car Poster Framed Art

Carrera Toys New Jersey HQ, spruced up with classic car art from Framed Art. Photo: Carrera Toys

And for the gear head in our families, you can dress up the garage a bit too; adding a bit of soft light and cleaning up the spaces around the grease pit can help, and hanging prints to inspire his work can help too. Retro race cars, black and white photos, old-school advertisements and vintage racing prints can make his space feel less grungy and more inviting.

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Car Poster Framed Art

“Ventura Freeway” by Ray Foster

Get a Discount on a Purchase or Win Framed Art of Your Own!!!

What better for Father’s Day than to present a framed print, canvas or lithograph to your guy. And there’s no better option than picking it out yourself! You can get a 10% discount on anything site-wide with the code GIRLSGUIDE2CARS. And, we are giving away three framed prints from Framed Art’s collection on Thursday, June 14th during a Facebook Live Stream. Two winners will be chosen from entries submitted here (enter below) and one will be given away from among our Facebook Live commenters. So enter here, and join us live on Facebook on Thursday, June 14th for another chance to win!

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Car Poster Framed Art

“Ventura, CA” by Lantern Press

Some Print Ideas Framed Art Suggests:

  • Muscle Car Art – This category features Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, and Mopars from the Glory Days of Detroit iron.
  • Vintage Car Posters – Add some European flair or retro Grand Prix artwork
  • Race Car Art – Whether you’re keen on sports cars, open-wheelers, this category is brimming with cool photos and renderings.
  • Classic Car Art – You’ll find plenty of tail fins and chrome in this collection, with lead sleds, hot rods, cruisers, vintage pickups, and beautiful woody wagons.
  • Route 66 Art – Celebrate the quintessential American highway with classic service stations, retro restaurants, rustic signs, and quintessential roadside attractions

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Contest Rules

Participants can enter to win one of three Framed Art prints or similar prize by submitting qualifying entries via RaffleCopter before midnight, June 13, 2018 to qualify to win one of two prints or by participating in a Facebook Live broadcast at A Girls Guide to Cars to qualify to win one framed print. No purchase necessary to enter. Three prizes of one framed print or similar will be given away. Prize has an approximate value of $300 each, is not exchangeable for cash or other items; the assignment of the exact prize is at the discretion of Framed Art. Three winners will be chosen at random from among valid entries. Contest open only to US residents. Winner will be notified by email or direct message by June 15, 2018. If a chosen winner fails to respond to notification within seven (7) days that winner will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen. Winners must provide a valid US shipping address, not a PO Box, for prize shipment and may be asked to provide other information to validate her or his entry in this contest. Void where prohibited and subject to applicable law.

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