Exploring Roads and Mountains of Sedona in the Luxurious 2016 Jaguar XF

Jaguar Xf

On the road in the 2016 Jaguar XF.

The beautiful roads and mountains of Sedona, Arizona set the scene for two very different drive experiences: the 2016 Jaguar XF and the 2016 Range Rover Td6. At the outset I had no idea how great this setting would be for the test drives of these two distinct vehicles.

First up, I drove the 2016 Jaguar XF, a sophisticated mid-sized sedan with a sporty feel.  The XF comes standard with a V6 engine offering a powerful and agile driving experience. The pulsing push button start and the Heads-Up Display System made me feel like I should be seeing a checkered flag in my field of vision. While driving, I experienced the Jaguar Adaptive Dynamics system (an optional package). The AD system monitors body movement and wheel movement to enhance low-speed ride comfort as well improving handling at higher speeds. Proving this to be an intelligent and refined sports sedan.

Next, I had an off-road adventure in the 2016 Range Rover Td6, which I’ll review separately.

Sedona’s stunning scenic views offered a prime location to test the XF. The XF-S handled smooth curves with ease and the vehicle feedback was light and agile with impressive cornering ability.

Style, options, and room

The Jaguar XF is a luxury sedan offered in four trim levels: Premium, Prestige, R-Sport and S. A note of innovation: the XF body structure features Jaguar aluminum-intensive architecture making it stiffer, stronger, lighter and as a result more fuel efficient. This second generation XF has a coupe-like profile with more interior space. The larger cabin gives all passengers more legroom, including the rear seats, so taller people can sit comfortably anywhere in this car.


Jaguar Xf

The luxe interior Jaguar XF. Credit: LeAura Luciano for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Driver assistance technology

For highway and city driving I was able to put some of the XF features to task.

Are you a speed demon? To aid drivers in areas where speed limits change often, Jaguar has developed an Intelligent Speed Limiter (ISL) to monitor changes in the speed limit and automatically increase or decrease the vehicle’s speed to match. If the system recognizes a higher speed limit ahead, it notifies the driver and the vehicle can accelerate smoothly up to the new limit. If the speed limit is lower, the vehicle can be slowed down accordingly. If the driver presses the resume button, the rate of acceleration or deceleration will increase.

When winter is in full swing you can appreciate a feature like Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) that senses the surface: normal roads, wet or gravel roads, or snow and ice and adapts traction according to the conditions. Couple that with All-Surface Progress Control (ASPC) system, which makes pulling away on low-friction surfaces easier, and you can drive on any surface with confidence.

Interior experience: comfort for all

The XF is a truly roomy sedan for drivers and passengers alike. I am 6 feet tall and was comfortable in every seat in the car. I know taller XF owners will appreciate increased clearance.

The tech news: the XF has two available infotainment systems. The standard system, InControl Touch, has an 8-inch touchscreen, designed to be intuitive to use. Think tapping and swiping gestures like the ones you use for any tablet.

Need storage? The trunk has some serious space: 19.1 cubic feet. Also, the backs of the rear seats can be adjusted to increase capacity and to accommodate longer objects.

Jaguar Xf

Roomy trunk in the 2016 Jaguar XF. Credit: LeAura Luciano for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Who is this car for?

Drivers who want luxury and an overall comfortable and safe driving experience. For those who want exceptional care, Jaguar EliteCare offers best in class coverage. The XF is also for those who occasionally have a need for speed but certainly demand space too.

Jaguar InControl Remote & Protect

  • Allows access to vehicle remotely: activate the climate control to heat or cool the cabin to a target temperature, starting the vehicle ahead of a trip
  • Can lock or unlock the doors remotely
  • Activate “Beep & Flash” to help locate the vehicle in crowded parking lots
  • An SOS Emergency Call that automatically notifies the emergency services of your vehicle’s location in the event of an accident where the airbags are deployed
  • A Breakdown call button to contact Jaguar Roadside Assistance

Jaguar XfWhat I Loved

  • Comfortable interior, even for a very tall person
  • Advanced technology includes Intelligent Speed Limiter that could pay for itself in avoided speeding tickets
  • Adaptive Surface Response so you are safe in all conditions

What You Need to Know

  •  Jaguar EliteCare with 5-year/60,000 mile customer care and bumper-to-bumper warranty
  •  24-hour roadside assistance
  • Complimentary scheduled maintenance
  •  Jaguar InControl Remote & Protect.
  • Price: starts at $ 51,900
  • Fuel economy:  20 mpg city and 30 mpg highway (V6)

Note: I was Jaguar’s guest for this epic ride; travel and accommodations were provided. Opinions expressed are my own.






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