Driving to the Beach Barefoot – With My Husband

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Photo-2One of the guilty pleasures of driving to the beach is kicking off your shoes and driving barefoot. But my husband, Rob, (those are his feet, in their natural state) has the most disgusting, hobbit-like feet. They can’t touch the car floor and I question their presence in bed.

He does go to a podiatrist, but our health insurance doesn’t cover it, so he pays the full $75. I figured I can get a mani/pedi in NYC for $25 (some things actually ARE cheaper in New York) so he should try that instead. Plus it would be a lot nice than a stuffy doctor’s office.

Rob was reluctant, having endured that one manicure before our wedding and relying on his teeth to crop his nails ever since (on his hands, not his feet). But I convinced him, saying he could just skip the manicure part and still save money.



The tipping point – the cocktail that is often included at men’s day spas, and the promised foot rub. By the pedicurist, not me.

John Allan’s, which has four NYC locations and outposts in Chicago and Toronto, was his first foray into the men’s day spa world. The ‘sports pedicure’ didn’t mention nail polish – just a soak, scrub, trim and foot massage. He was in.

Though he liked the pedicure, and the whiskey (or beer) that came with it, he found the place to be a bit chaotic.

Then he tried Spiff, which has one midtown shop. Again, he liked the pedicure, but not the open area where he found it strange to watch other men get their calluses shaved. I don’t mind chatting with the person next to me when I’m getting a mani/pedi, but then I’ve shopped at Loehman’s, with the open group dressing room. Definitely not a guy thing.

Rob went here early in the day and had a cappuccino; later, you can get a drink.

He achieved pedicure nirvana at Truman’s Gentleman’s Groomers. At this place, which has two NYC locations, he tried the 45-minute ‘foot repair,’ with a leg and foot scrub and massage.

Here, you go into your own room for a pedicure, and if you get a haircut or a shave, dividers keep it private.

Rob liked this place, which also offers whiskey or beer, so much that he returned for the hour-long pedicure.

And now he’s allowed to take his shoes off in the car.

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