Drive-In Theaters: The Future of Safe Entertainment?

Drive In Movie

The car has become a safe haven for people. And now, it’s your mobile theater, too.

Movies have been a great escape from reality from as early as the Great Depression. But sitting in an actual theater may not be so safe right now. We are spending more time in our cars as we turn to curbside pickup for our necessities and take road trips instead of flights or cruises to get away. And with great sound systems in most cars these days, they are ideally outfitted for in-car cinema. Thankfully, the option to view a movie in our car is growing due the renewed popularity of drive-in movies.

And, drive-in entertainment may just be the future of safe entertainment. Country singer Alan Jackson recently hosted a pair of outdoor concerts in Alabama that required concertgoers to view from their cars. And Walmart is teaming up with celebrities to turn their parking lots into outdoor theaters.

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Drive In Theaters


Did You Know…

  • The first drive-in theater was opened in Camden, New Jersey in 1933. The mastermind behind the idea was a man named Richard Hollingshead.
  • There are currently over 300 drive-in theaters throughout the nation.
  • Drive-in theaters were the place to be for many years- especially to show off your car! Car culture was very popular in the 50s-60s and cars were more spacious and comfortable. As time passed, Americans opted for smaller cars making the drive-in less ideal.

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Grease Drive In Theater


Is this the Future of Safe Entertainment?

For now, this may be the best we can get. And it really doesn’t seem like a bad idea. The Today Show recently showed what it’s like to go to a drive-in theater today.

Where to Find a Drive-In Theater

If there isn’t one already in your area, many towns have been putting on films in local parking lots for residents. So be sure to check out your town’s website or local Facebook groups. Walmart recently announced its collaboration with Tribeca Film Festival; the locations are listed on their website. They will be showcasing over 30 iconic movies every weekend in July. What’s even more awesome is that concessions will be made available from local businesses and special screenings will be offered for healthcare and frontline workers.

And if you still have no luck finding one, here’s a list of 30 top drive-in theaters across the country. Surely, you’ll get your chance to experience one since the virus doesn’t seem to be leaving us just yet.

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Drive In Theaters


Tips for a Fun Experience

Every theater will surely have their own rules but here’s a checklist so you make sure to pack all the goodies and come prepared. And with the virus still going around, it’s probably best to BYO.

  • Popcorn, candy, and drinks (if you have little ones, make each child a snack pack).
  • Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer (just in case).
  • Face masks and gloves- if you need to step out of the car for anything, you’ll want to be prepared and protected.
  • Blankets, beach towels, pillows. Get comfy and cozy in the car ☺️
  • Hoodies – in case it gets chilly.
  • Bug spray- in case you leave the windows open or view from the tailgate.
  • Cell phone chargers
  • First Aid Kit

And then, hit the movies old school and enjoy an evening out!

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