Is your dog a member of your family?

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Hanging out under the skylight

If you bring your dog on family road trips, read this

The dog days of summer have ended, but family travel, with your pet in tow, is growing. Choosing a family vehicle that suits your children AND your dog means you need to consider a few extra things.


My daughter using our pet as a pillow

The Detroit Bureau says minivans are not necessarily best for dogs, who love to have fresh breeze blowing on their muzzles.

The article suggests a sunroof so your dog can safely feel the breeze, along with rear climate control to keep him warm or cool.

A pet-friendly vehicle, should also have a rear lift gate so the dog can get in and out easily – this is also useful if you keep your dog in a carrier while you drive. Of course, always take your dog with you when you leave the car; dogs should never be left in a car.

Autotrader  suggests seven dog-friendly cars that will keep your furry companion happy:

•Subaru Outback

•Nissan Juke

•Volkswagen Tiguan


•Volvo V60

Kia Soul 

•Honda Odyssey


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