5 Things to See at the 2017 Dallas-Fort Worth Auto Show

Dfw Auto Show

As the 2017 Dallas-Fort Worth Auto Show pulls into town, we headed over to check out this year’s booths, brands and must-dos. Before you head to the DFW Auto Show read on for our must-do recommendations.

Sit in the Genesis G90 and turn up the Lexicon stereo system.

You may have to ask a product specialist to turn the stereo on for you, but Genesis has designed several luxury vehicles that we love. From an engine that won’t quit to the Lexicon stereo system (only found in one other car brand- Bentley) Genesis knows how to take care of their customers. They told us “Respect is the new luxury.” Genesis and their 3 year, 36,000 mile concierge service work hard to ensure that their car is never the source of your woes.


The inside is so luxurious someone will need to forcibly remove you from the car. Backseat passengers can adjust the seat to their specifications and even adjust lumbar support.


Check out Mazda’s cool factor indoors and outdoors 

Inside the Kay Bailey Convention Center head to the Mazda booth to see the MX-5 RF transform.


Outside the convention center come prepared with your license (and be ready to take a breathalyzer). Mazda’s Ride and Drive is one of many in the parking lot on South Lamar and features several different models and even a stick MX-5 that you can take for a spin around downtown.


Check out Capital One’s Auto Navigator Booth

Visiting the show with kids? Great. Capital One has a coloring station for the littlest auto show visitors.

Check Out The Capital One Auto Navigator Garage At The Dallas Auto Show

Bring the kids to color in Capital One’s Auto Navigator Garage. Photo Credit: Nasreen Stump

While they are coloring you can find out if you pre-qualify for an auto loan without it impacting your credit score. After you find out what you might qualify for you can browse a database of vehicles and calculate potential monthly payments.

Support Toyota’s entry into the DFW area Workforce

With its new Plano headquarters scheduled to open late this year and 19,000 applications already submitted for 1,000 jobs, Toyota’s presence at the auto show takes on new importance. So whether you’re looking to check out a crash test dummy’s view of the world or see the new Camry, a stop at the Toyota booth supports a Texas business.


Also a great use of your time at the Toyota space? Figuring out if maybe a minivan is in your future. With leather reclining middle row captain’s chairs our team may have taken a brief nap to rest up for the rest of the show.


Check out Hyundai’s swag and swagger

Hyundai has some bragging rights in the state of Texas right now with the recent Houston Superbowl and sponsorship deal with the NFL. You could have bragging rights too if you were the one to guess the right number of footballs the trunk of this Hyundai holds.


If math isn’t your thing, you could head over to Hyundai’s mock game show to see if you could win some swag. Limited contestants are accepted every day so you may want to make it your first stop.


There’s also a Ram truck indoor off-road experience, a Hyundai simulator, Camp Jeep off road drive and don’t forget to stroll down luxury alley and see all the plush, lush and exotic cars.

Will you head to the DFW Auto Show this year? How do auto shows influence your buying decisions?

Nasreen Stump is a freelance travel writer and Director of Social at Travelingmom.com. She has rented hundreds of cars... More about Nasreen Stump