Dear Portland: A Love Letter From AGirlsGuidetoCars

Chevy Shop Social
A Chevy Camaro sat center stage between raffle tables and canopies at Portland's Chevy Shop Social

Dear Portland,

The last few weeks have been really big. Not because you charmed us with your beautiful downtown, hip hotels, luscious parks, amazingly complex coffees and quirky, artful culture.

And not because the magic and majesty of Oregon’s terrain comes home to roost in everything you do, from in terroir-focused sports, attitudes, foods and of course, the Oregon Wine Trail’s amazing offerings on every menu in town.

Keeping Portland Weird—And Keeping Kids Healthy

But because your generosity, creativity and amazing spirit came together at a party to benefit one of your cherished gems, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

We have a soft place in our hearts for kids (but, who doesn’t?). And those who dedicate their lives and livelihoods to making sick children better, who are on a mission to CURE cancer and focus on curing kids with cancer? Well, you might just make us cry.  

Chevy Shop Social: Portland— Now that’s the way to party!

Last week all these great things came together at a party in Pioneer Courthouse Square, where 16 of Portland’s most well-loved local influencers came together to raise money for Doernbecher, all enabled by the generosity of Chevrolet.  

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The party got started in mid-May with a shopping excursion. Yup— shopping. Each of the influencers was given a gift card and a Chevrolet to shop for raffle items to benefit Doernbecher (well, actually, the Chevy was a loaner for a few days). Being influencers, they shared their excursions and their purchase ideas on social media so we could follow along. Marconi Bologna and Nik Miles shared their excursion in the Chevy Volt in this video:

Then, on May 21st, Chevrolet staged a big party where the influencer’s purchases would be collected, displayed and raffled off. Called ChevyShopSocial: Portland, the party was open to the public and attended by thousands of Portland residents.

Who says Camaros aren’t family cars?? #chevyshopsocial #spon

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Thursdays don’t get better than this

Chevrolet also filled Pioneer Courthouse Square with seven of its most beautiful models, a stage where local favorite Adventure Galley would later play, tents draped with cafe lights, and a beer garden with local beer, wines and ciders. The square was lined with food trucks, because, well, what’s a party without food trucks, especially in Portland?  

Shining up vehicles for #chevyshopsocial

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People came out to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine (and I swear, it seems like the skies cleared and the sun came out JUST FOR US), music, food, beverages and of course, all the incredible raffle items just waiting to be won.


The influencers arrived at the square and soon the party was underway. Raffle items included a grilling package worth more than $1,100 donated by Ken Cheung, who blogs as DaddyForever), a Bike Portland package that included TWO BIKES donated by Amber Brault of Dazzling Daily Deals, and not one but THREE baskets donated by Marlynn Schotland of Urban Bliss Life. Pepper Ferguson, also known as Pepper Scraps, donated two baskets —one of family games and one that we just loved called Keep Portland Geeky.

Then, it was time to party. Local news anchor Cathy Marshall of KGW-TV took MC duties, welcoming the crowd and kicking off the party by introducing Adventure Galley. While the band played, people lined the steps of the square to watch, have a bite to eat and relax in the afternoon sun. Others mulled the raffle items, buying raffle tickets and dropping them into buckets to qualify to win.

By 8pm Adventure Galley finished up the last set of songs and it was time to tally the totals and draw winning raffle tickets. The crowd came in closer as Cathy introduced each influencer and the items that they donated to the raffle.

And then the big moment: the donation.



Proud to be a part of an evening with Chevy, where over $10k was donated to @ohsudoernbecher children’s hospital


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Cathy took a break in the raffle drawings to make an important announcement: a total of $10,110 was raised to benefit Doernbecher! Mallory Tyler of Doernbecher Children’s Foundation was on hand to accept the donation; the resulting photo (taken by participating influencer Morgan Grether) was lit with glowing big smiles.

It was a magical way to end the party, and to end the day. Thank you, Portland. We can’t wait to visit again and see what magic you hold for us next time.

Disclosure: AGirlsGuidetoCars partnered with Chevrolet to produce ChevyShopSocial: Portland. It is our honor and pleasure to help Chevrolet contribute to doing good in a fun and social way.

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