Comfortable AND Fashionable Shoes? Meet Dansko


Dansko footwear makes feet happy

When my sister went to medical school, she had to invest in a good stethoscope – and a pair of Dansko clogs. The first item was a lifesaver, and the second? Also a lifesaver.

Like anyone with a job that requires lots of standing or walking, she became addicted to her comfortable Dansko clogs. What I discovered at the recent Fashion Forward conference was that Dansko has branched out, adding stylish, and still extremely comfortable, shoes and boots to its line up.


The leopard print Olivia tuxedo flats

Walk the walk

I also found out that Dansko is a great company, dedicated to responsible and sustainable business practices. The employee-owned company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, in a LEED Gold Certified building. The company’s foundation donates to community based not-for-profits.

But good deeds alone aren’t putting shoes in the closet. I was thoroughly impressed by Dansko’s line of boots and shoes, perfect for a city girl.

But even if you drive everywhere, you’ve got to love the functionality of these shoes. I mean, if you drive to the mall, but have to park in the auxiliary lot, or jump in a cab to the airport, but fly from a remote gate, you are putting a lot of mileage on your shoes. Dansko makes life easy, with slip on shoes and zip up boots that go from walking the dog to strolling the Champs Elysse.

Along for the ride

And of course the shoes are wonderful driving shoes. The leather is breathable so your feet won’t get hot in the car, and the shoes are comfortable to keep on your feet all day, even if you are just sitting in the car or behind a desk most of the time.

I wore the Ona boot, an ankle boot with a zipper, with pants and skirts and found it worked well with either. The soft leather, in black or brown, coordinated well with my city wardrobe. The boots are about $170.

I also tried the Olivia, a versatile tuxedo flat available in nine colors. The shoe is so comfy you might want get multiple pairs – in leopard print, snakeskin or patent leather, to name just a few options. The Olivia can be paired with jeans, slacks, or even a long skirt. This style retails for about $145.

Disclosure: Dansko shoes were provided to me by the company, but all opinions and observations are my own.

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