The Chevrolet Bolt EUV: Everything You Need, Without the High Price Tag!

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A White Chevy Bolt Euv In Profile, Photographed In Front Of
The Bolt EUV is a petite but capable electric SUV. Photo: Liv Leigh. Mural: Skye Walker

The Chevrolet Bolt EUV delivers virtually everything you could possibly ask for.

The chunky version of the most affordable electric car on the market has ample range, a spacious interior, advanced technology, and tons of safety features, all neatly wrapped up in an affordable package. While the Bolt EV may look a bit petite and quirky, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV stands taller with its SUV body style and looks very much like a “normal” vehicle. Forego the pointed nose of the EV in favor of a more blocky front that compliments the upright stature. Very much like the interior, the exterior is welcoming, familiar, and uncomplicated, making it so easy to just hop in and be on your way.

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A White Chevy Bolt Euv Sits In Front Of The Beach, Showing A View Of The Bolt Euv Showing The Larger Front Than The Ev.
The EUV has a larger front and rear than the EV. Photo: Liv Leigh

What exactly is the difference between the Chevrolet Bolt EUV and EV?

Starting at $27,800, the EUV is only $1,300 more than the Bolt EV, but what do you get for that price difference?

  • The EUV has 247 miles of range vs the EV’s 259 miles
  • 16.3 cubic feet of space vs 16.6 cubic feet of space
  • 169.5 inches in length vs 163.2 inches in length
  • 3 inches more leg room for the rear passengers
  • (this is a biggie!) Super Cruise hands-free ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

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A Smiling Woman With A Prosthetic Leg Sits In The Back Seat, Giving A Thumbs Up, Showing How Much Legroom There Is For Her. She Is 5'5&Quot;.
The EUV has 3 inches more legroom than the EV. Photo: Liv Leigh

Super Cruise is one of the top-rated ADAS systems and it’s available on the Chevrolet Bolt EUV!

These stats show some slight differences but what do they actually mean in the real world?

Well, barring Super Cruise, not all that much. The EUV is bigger than the EV but they’re both pretty petite vehicles. I have a slightly contradictory love for both SUVs and small cars but the EUV delivers that in one package. It’s so nice to have the benefits of an SUV like great visibility, an upright statue, and a roomy cabin, but without having to be in a honking big car. The Bolt EUV feels SO easy to drive and maneuver and it can pretty much fit into any parking spot.

The Bolt EUV and EV can both hold 5 people, but the EUV has 3 inches more leg room in the rear, which honestly makes a big difference. I’m 5’5″, with a prosthetic leg that can be hard to bend, but I found the leg room to be really comfortable and spacious.

Both the Bolt EUV and EV have a charging speed of 55 kilowatts, which basically means you can add about 100 miles of range in 30 minutes at a fast charger. That’s pretty slow but, if you’re like me, then 100 miles sounds like plenty. Now consider Super Cruise and the story changes.

Suddenly you have access to hands-free driving on over 200,000 to 400,000 miles of pre-mapped roads. With a simple press of a button, the system engages and you can remove your hands from the steering wheel but keep your eyes firmly on the road. Cameras monitor your attention and the whole top of the steering wheel lights up to indicate various states. This feels like a really valuable option to have, especially in such an affordable vehicle.

When you first activate Super Cruise, it can feel unnerving, but the uncertainty of trusting technology soon fades as you learn to trust its capabilities. It can make longer drives feel so much less taxing and I found myself arriving at my destination feeling ready to go, as opposed to feeling drained or worn out. A $2,200 upgrade, Super Cruise completes the package, making the EUV as capable as many of its far more expensive competitors.

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The Bolt Instrument Cluster Showing Tons Of Information Like Range, Speed, Kw, And More.
The instrument cluster can be switched between a clean Modern mode and an informative Enhanced mode. Photo: Liv Leigh

For an affordable car, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV packs a ton of features

Capable is a great word to describe the Bolt EUV. It has SO many useful features! Hop into the drivers seat and you’re greeted with a handy instrument cluster packed with information. If you know electric vehicles, then you know that lots of things can effect range, like driving style, elevation, and weather, so the Bolt displays your available miles from maximum to minimum. On the right, you can see the kilowatts that are going into and out of your battery at any moment, like when you’re driving, braking, or charging.

You can edit the view within the center circle to display a variety of options based on your preference. It feels like all the information and controls are at your fingertips but nothing feels too overwhelming.

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A View Of The 360 Camera Showing The Angle Of The Vehicle And An Alert That Someone Is Coming Behind The Car. Photo: Liv Leigh
The 360 camera with rear traffic alert is SO useful! Photo: Liv Leigh

The optional 360-degree camera is a super cool option!

The 10.2 inch multimedia touch screen is packed with utility but my very favorite feature of all is the 360 degree camera. Back up easily, navigate into tight parkings, and count on the rear traffic alert with crystal clear camera clarity. Adjust the volume by increments with buttons behind the steering wheel or reach out and grab one of the dials on the left of the screen to change the volume or move about the screen.

The dials actually ended up being one of my favorite things to use. I love it when you can control stuff without taking your eyes off the road and I often found myself just booping or twisting one of the knobs instinctively.

They are also so handy for those moments when the car is bouncing about and it can be hard to press the screen accurately. Wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto extend the features and a neat charging pad sits waiting for your phone. Simple, ergonomic climate controls await an easy press of a button, echoed in a similar design for the gear shifter.

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Apple Carplay Navigation Is Excellent And An Option For Split Screen Allows A Ton Of Flexibility. Photo: Liv Leigh
Apple CarPlay navigation is excellent and an option for split screen allows a ton of flexibility. Photo: Liv Leigh

An Optional Panoramic Sunroof Adds a Fun, Fancy Feature to let in Some Sunshine

Everything is simple and straightforward and, out of the box, the EUV is a perfectly well-equipped vehicle but one of the other upgraded features on this particular model was the panoramic sunroof. For $2,495, you get a Bose sound system and a fun and rather luxurious feeling sunroof operable by two buttons to open or close both the roof and the cover, tucking it away neatly and concealing all the suns rays. A purely decadent add-on, this option does end up making the vehicle feel like more than a budget option.

In fact, there is little about this car that feels budget. It’s quite hard to believe how many useful features you get in such an affordable package. The only thing that bugged me about the cabin was that there’s no memory button for the driver’s seating position, so you have to manually use the powered controls to adjust between drivers. Oh and the cup holders don’t adjust so you’ll have to make sure your beverages are small enough to fit.

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The Euv Is An Absolute Pleasure To Drive. Easy, Uncomplicated, Nimble, And Capable. Photo: Liv Leigh
The EUV is an absolute pleasure to drive. Easy, uncomplicated, nimble, and capable. Photo: Liv Leigh

Actually driving the vehicle is a simple, comfortable pleasure! You can activate one pedal mode with a button by the gears but, as someone with leg injuries and a drop foot, I personally prefer two pedal mode. In two pedal mode, the Bolt EUV feels very much like an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle. Releasing the accelerator allows for a very natural coast, the brake is responsive but not too jarring, and the get up and go is 0 to 60 in under 7 seconds, which is more than enough to zip around.

It’s just so uncomplicated and easy to hop in and drive that I think this car would be an excellent first electric car for anyone who is hesitant about the switch. So that brings about the question, who is the Bolt EUV for?

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The Trunk Space Isn'T Huge But It'S More Than Enough For A Good Grocery Shop And Some Extra Space Lies Beneath The Floor. Photo: Liv Leigh
The trunk space isn’t huge but it’s more than enough for a good grocery shop and some extra space lies beneath the floor. Photo: Liv Leigh

The Bolt EUV would be a great pick for people who:

  • Want a great bang for their buck
  • Like an SUV body style
  • Need space for rear passengers
  • Want the option for hands-free driving
  • Want a simple, comfortable drive
  • Don’t require luxury
  • Don’t need All-Wheel Drive or sporty performance
  • Are aware of the short-comings of the charging speed

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A Green-Haired, Amputee Woman Plugging In The Bolt Euv To Dc Fast Charge. Photo: Liv Leigh
The Bolt EUV can only DCFC at speeds up to 55kW. Photo: Liv Leigh

The 55 kW Charging Speed is Perhaps the Only Downside to the Bole EUV

But it’s potentially less of a concern than one might imagine. With its 247 miles of range, the Bolt EUV excels at city driving but has enough miles to road trip. You would just need to know what to expect. For example, charging at a DC Fast Charger could take over an hour if you’re trying to go from 10% to 80% but, if you plan for a longer stop and take time for lunch or entertainment, then it may not be a noticeable wait.

If you don’t plan to road trip much, then you’ll likely be charging at home over night and be fully charged each morning. Should you not have access to charging at home or at work, then the slow speeds may be something to consider.

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A View Of The Rear Of A White Bolt Euv, Showing Off The Badging.
The Bolt EUV is an uncomplicated, capable SUV. Photo: Liv Leigh

Ultimately, the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV is a capable, unintimidating electric SUV with a spacious interior, tons of safety and driver assistance features, options for some fancier upgrades, with good range, slow DC fast charging, and a temptingly low price tag.

Disclaimer: Chevrolet provided the Bolt EUV for me to test. All impressions are my own.

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