Changing Careers: I quit my job and now I’m doing THIS

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I’m not sitting in the passenger seat of my life. I’m taking the wheel! 

I quit my job last year. This was a HUGE move for me. I was working in the non-profit sector in youth development services and had been in that field for the past seven years of my life. This was not only my job, but my career. I even pursuedmy Masters in Public Administration because I wanted to support my career in non-profit management. So when I say I quit my Job, I actually left my career.

Shifting Gears: Ideas Inspire a New Direction

One day when I was getting ready for work the idea of “starting a blog,” came to my mind. All of these ideas starting racing in my head and I started to do research. I thought maybe I could start a blog to help take my mind off not wanting to be at work anymore. I told my husband and some close friends, and they were all so supportive, like “yes, this is a great idea.”

But I never started the blog. I was too distracted and hardly had any energy after work.

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Changing Careers

Changing careers takes courage, but it also takes people around you who support you. This idea is making its way into how we drive too, with safety systems like Toyota’s TSS, which has pre-collision avoidance, lane departure assist and adaptive cruise control. These give you the confidence to have fun but watch out for your safety, too. Photo: Elizabeth Montano

Finding Motivation to Take the First Step 

Anyone who knows me knows that I always have everything figured out. I always have my next move, or couple moves planned out. But not this time, I had nothing.

Then, on a small stay-cation to Palm Springs I realized that I needed to move on and do what was best for me. I wasn’t happy anymore. I wasn’t growing as a person anymore. I wasn’t motivated anymore.

Changing Careers Toyota C-Hr

Sometimes you have to let go of things that are holding you back and find a new path. My new path included the opportunity to drive and write about the Toyota C-HR, something I never thought I’d be doing! Photo: Elizabeth Montano

Two Weeks Notice. And a Few Tears

It took so much courage to walk back into work after our stay-cation and put in my two weeks notice. Those next two weeks were probably the longest yet shortest two weeks ever. The first couple of days I could not hold back the tears.

A couple of months later I felt like myself again. I finally committed to eating healthy and working out as a lifestyle. I feel energized and motivated. And most importantly I am happy. And I started a blog, something I had been wanting to do since last year.

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Changing Careers Takes Some Looking At Yourself And At The Road Ahead

Looking back, this was the right choice; and, it led to new roads, like writing about beauty, travel and style. Photo: Elizabeth Montano

And… Freedom Never Felt so Good

I look back and I am so glad I made that decision. It might have been the hardest decision I have ever made, but I know it was the right move.

Everyone deserves to be happy and if you have a dream, go out there and get it. Life is about taking risks.

Taking The First Steps To Happiness, May Involving You Shifting Gears And Putting Yourself Back Into The Drivers Seat.