Do You Think I’m Sexy? Your Minivan Wants to Know

Can A Minivan Be Sexy?

Can A Minivan Really Be Sexy?

Let’s take a trip down nostalgia lane to a time when vans were thought to be sexy, sort of. Think about it: the 1960s Volkswagen Van covered in peace signs and flowers was thought to be sexy—in a hippie sort of way. And there was Sammy Johns’, Chevy Van song in the 1970s about making love in a Chevy van—I’d say that’s pretty sexy.

Then, the minivan arrived and the music stopped.

Although soccer moms everywhere rave about the conveniences it offers for hauling sweaty kids and their friends around, do they REALLY think the minivan is sexy?

I’ll admit, I owned a minivan about 20 years ago when my kids were in high school but sexy wasn’t really on my mind at the time. I was just focused on getting the kids shuttled back and forth from football practice, school events and whatever else was on our busy calendar. For me, the minivan was functional, not sexy.

But minivans have come a long way since the 1990s, so I decided to poll a group that knows a thing or two about minivans: the TravelingMom network. The opinions were varied, but the bottom line is, we have two groups: Team Minivan and Team NO Minivan.

Is A Minivan Sexy?

What Team No Minivan has to say

“When I had kids I gave up my freedom, my body, and my sanity. I didn’t want to give up my love for cars and be forced in a minivan. I understand all the reasons why I’m supposed to love them but I don’t. Team no minivan!” says Breeze Leonard, Bonding TravelingMom.

Julie Thompson Adolf, Garden Geek TravelingMom, says, “My happiest day was when I traded in my minivan for my Prius!”

Read about Julie’s love for her Toyota Prius here.

“Nope. Not sexy… I love a lot of things about mine but I wouldn’t call it sexy. It’s the love you have for a brother other than a flame,” says Kendra Pierson, Long Weekend TravelingMom. And then she offered this anonymous quote, “The only thing sexy about a minivan was making the children.”

Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom doesn’t see sexy when she looks at a minivan, but she’s willing to check it out.  “I guess AGirlsGuidetoCars needs to send me a minivan to try because I am FIRMLY in the “No!” camp. I’m a Gen X-er and have two words for you: wood paneling. I can’t imagine getting over the horror.”

And Amanda Jones’ minivan scars run deep.  “My parents drove a white minivan. It was like traveling in a hard-boiled egg rolling down the road. It was then I swore I’d never be a minivan mom. I now drive an SUV – same great space with ALL the sexy non-van status! My husband drives a minivan though. It’s blue and it’s #stillnotsexy.”

See the variety of cars the AGirlsGuidetoCars crew drives!

Sexy Minivan

Kathy LOVES her minivan! Photo: Kathy Penney

But Team Minivan has a different viewpoint

Kathy Penney, Special Needs TravelingMom, has a lot to say about her sexy minivan. “I never ever thought I would drive one and probably never would have gotten one, but Toyota asked to send me one to review and I figured what the heck. Having a toddler and a preschooler at the time, it was like butterflies and unicorns came into my life. I went and bought one for me before they even picked theirs up. I guess they couldn’t have asked for a better review. And when we got that van with automatic sliding doors that sat low enough for the kids to get themselves in, I cried happy tears.” As for sexy, “If Mark Wahlberg drives a minivan it’s good enough for me!”

Behold The Swagger Of The Toyota Sienna! It'S The Un-Minivan.

A Girls Guide to Cars loves the swagger of the Toyota Sienna! It’s the UN-minivan. Photo: Breeze Leonard.

Could the Toyota Sienna be sexy?

Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many, says, “You know what’s sexy? Automatic doors on both sides of the car so I don’t have to get wet loading the kids up. Also, sexy is jamming to my own music because the kids all have headphones on and are watching Smurfs. Again. Now that I’m 40, reliability, comfort, and consistency is sexy. Gosh I sound old!”

Nasreen Stump, Road Warrior TravelingMom, says, “I was anti-minivan for years but man, I love my minivan. I mean LOVE. I reviewed one for AGirlsGuidetoCars, too and it changed my and my husband’s opinion. We went shopping a few weeks before Everett was born and bought one.”

Maybe the 2018 Honda Odyssey will change your mind about a minivan.

But when it comes to REALLY being sexy, Mary Moore, Retro TravelingMom, has the right idea.  “Mini vans have lots of room when you put all the seats down (stow and go) making them perfect for putting blankets in the back to watch a drive in movie, fireworks or the stars. They’re like a bed on the go with a bit more privacy than a truck bed.”

Like the saying goes, “If this van’s rocking, don’t come knocking!”

Listen to this, then follow Mary’s advice—maybe your minivan will get its sexy back.

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