USED: Meet the sporty, family-friendly 2020 Cadillac XT6

Cadillac Xt6. Photo: Jill Robbins
Cadillac XT6. Photo: Jill Robbins

Confession: I didn’t go into this drive as a huge Cadillac fan.

The XT6 is the Cadillac of 7-seater SUVs. And, it really is a Cadillac! The 2020 Cadillac XT6 manages to be stylish, luxurious and practical. If you need a family car and still want to keep it elegant, the XT6 needs to be on your short list of third row SUVs to check out in person.

Using the XT6 as my primary car to transport my kids for a week was a game-changer. This car had everything I needed, and it was easy to drive.

I don’t have anything against Cadillac, but I always associated the brand with my grandfather’s pimpin’ powder blue circa 1970-something Coupe de Ville with fins. Until I drove the Escalade last year. There’s a lot to love about the Escalade, and I had fun driving it. However, it was just too large for an everyday car for me. If you’re basing your opinion of Cadillac SUVs off of the powerhouse Escalade, don’t. Its younger, sleeker cousin is a completely different beast.

I’m happy to be wrong about this one. The XT6 is actually a perfect car for my busy lifestyle as a mom of two school-age kids.

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2 Kids And Cadillac Xt6

This is the perfect car for any family who needs a roomy three-row SUV. Photo: Jill Robbins

How Much Does a Cadillac XT6 Cost?

We’ll just get the pricing out of the way because we all know luxury SUVs have luxury price tags. However, for what you get, this one is more reasonably priced than you might expect.

Upon its release in 2020, the base price of a Cadillac XT6 was around $52,000. The Premium Luxury FWD edition, pictured here, with every possible option comes in at just under $70,000. There are eight different option packages on this beauty and upgraded paint color (this color is called Satin Steel Metallic by the way), so you can definitely pick and choose what (if any) add-on features are important to you and have some control over your spending.

However, a used model will only cost you between $30,000 to $40,000.

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The second and third-row seats can fold down in a variety of configurations to meet your needs. We hauled plants, went to a drive-through zoo and took part in a birthday party parade during the pandemic quarantine. The XT6 was perfect in every way and oh-so-comfy. Photo: Jill Robbins

Who Is the Cadillac XT6 Designed For?

Although I’ve made it clear that I think this is an awesome family car, the XT6 can meet the needs of lots of different drivers.

The 2020 Cadillac XT6 is the perfect size for a family with two-three kids.  I recommend kids in child safety seats go in the second-row Captain’s chairs simply because it is easier to buckle them in. The third row is respectably roomy. I’m 5’10, and while it wouldn’t be my choice to ride back there all the time, I wasn’t uncomfortable. If you are a medium/average size family and need to transport the occasional extra passenger, the XT6 is perfect.

This vehicle also works for smaller families or professionals who need to transport clients and/or inventory in a flexible way. The rear seats fold down with the touch of a button. You can configure them in a variety of ways to meet your needs. If you need to carry yard signs one day and people wearing suits the next, this car will work for you. You will be just as comfortable hauling plants for your garden in this car as you will dressing up and going out to a nice restaurant.

Of course, the XT6 is great for anyone else who wants/needs third-row seating and demands those extra luxury touches that Cadillac delivers.

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Interior Of Cadillac Xt6

The console has a luxury feel and I love the cordless charging pad. One negative – and it’s a lot to ask, I know – is that the console was a little narrow. I like one I can put a small handbag in and this was a tight squeeze. ?Jill Robbins

What You Need To Know About The Cadillac XT6

Fuel economy: An average of 20 MPG (18 city and 25 highway.) It’s not the most fuel-efficient vehicle out there. However, it is definitely not in the gas-guzzler category, either. For your everyday family car, an annual estimated fuel cost of $2,000 is within many budgets.

Although the options packages really kick the XT6 up a notch and enhance the driving experience, you can get some pretty sweet features in the base model. As mentioned above, this will run you between $52,000 and $79,000. I really loved the Night Vision add-on package. We are road trippers and drive our car a lot. And, if you’re getting a little older like me, you’ll appreciate how this enhances your visibility for nighttime driving.

Whatever bells and whistles you need in a car, you can get them with the XT6. Whether your thing is comfort, enhanced tech, or luxury trim, you can get it with this beauty.

Lastly, if you want to seat 7, opt for the second-row bench seat instead of the captain’s chairs.

Cadillac Xt6 With The Back Hatch Up

Although the Cadillac XT6 fit seamlessly into our suburban life, it’s the perfect car for anyone who transports friends, clients or inventory. There’s a lot of flexibility. ? Jill Robbins

Here’s What I Loved About The 2020 Cadillac XT6

Everything. The end. Just kidding, keep reading.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Used: Meet The Sporty, Family-Friendly 2020 Cadillac Xt6 - Cadillac Xt6 A Girls Guide 2 Cars

There’s a lot to love about the Cadillac XT6. Photo: Jill Robbins

This SUV is charging port heaven. The XT6 has six of them, plus a charging pad that powered my phone through its Otterbox. This is one of the most important features of this car for me. I’m a big Apple CarPlay user, so that automatically uses one port. If we’re going somewhere as a family of four, we have no problem using four charging ports. I love that a car that seats so many people is designed for people to actually get stuff done in their cars.

I also loved the rear seat safety reminder. We all need to be more aware of the potential for hot car deaths. There’s a built-in rear-seat reminder to alert you if you get out of your car and leave something in the rear seat.

The Cadillac XT6 is an all-around piece of understated luxury. It definitely says “I’m a cut above a regular SUV,” but it doesn’t scream it at you.

Interior Of Cadillac Xt6

We loved this little compartment. There’s plenty of room to put your purse, camera bag or other valuables here. It’s a great vehicle for shopping! Photo: Jill Robbins

What We Listened to in the Cadillac XT6

Disclosure: Cadillac provided the XT6 for my test drive. All opinions are my own.

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The luxury touches on the interior trim were the icing on the cake. ? Jill Robbins

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