BMW Lightens Cars, Beefs Up Work Force

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BmwBMW Doubles Numbers at Washington State Factory

The German automaker BMW is lightening its carbon footprint in more ways than one. The company is planning to invest $200 million and double the number of workers at its factory in Moses Lake, Washington, next year.

The factory specializes in the lightweight carbon fibers needed for BMW’s lighter electric vehicles, the i3. The BMW i3 has just gone on sale in the United States. The car has been sold in Europe since last year and is also being introduced soon in China.

Not only does the Washington State factory make parts for a greener car, but also it runs on hydropower.

Green and Luxury

The success of Tesla Model S electric cars has already shown that the thirst for a green car does not preclude the desire for a luxury automobile. The BMW i3 has a base price of $41,350, and BMW is also introducing a high-performance sports coupe plug-in hybrid, the i8. The expected base price of the i8 is $137,000.

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