Black Friday Deals: Big Discounts on Great Cars This Weekend

Black Friday Car Deals
Ford has extended it's insider discount to the public through the end of the month

Shoppers can get big discounts—up to 20% off in some cases—on a car this Friday.

Black Friday fever hit the auto biz a few years ago, and now the whole industry is in the swing. If you’re prepared to act early, know what you want, know the details of the deal and are ready to sign by the end of the weekend, one of these deals could be yours.

If not, don’t sweat it too much; historically the week between Christmas and New Years and the end of the month are great times to get a good deal, too.

What makes Black Friday car deals so great?

Black Friday Car Deals

Chevrolet’s Black Friday deals include up to 20% off on select models

Thanksgiving falls around the time that new models hit dealer lots; dealers want to get rid of last year’s models and get the new year models moving. Also, they are looking at their end of year performance which is not just sales, but bonuses for volume and other manufacturer incentives, so they have good reason to want to give you a great deal.

According to, U.S. new car and truck sales will reach 1.3 million this month, one of the biggest Novembers in the industry’s history. And, it might just qualify as a true “black” Friday; with an expected record of 17.4 million cars and trucks sold for the year, the end of the month might just put the industry over the top for its sales goals.

So what are the best deals out there for Black Friday?

Black Friday Car Deals

Cash back on this Ford F-150 can add up to a discount of more than $9,000

There are many. Here’s what we found:

  • Chevrolet and Buick are offering up to 20% off MSRP back on select (and limited) number of 2015 models —including Chevy Camaro, Impala, Malibu and Cruze and Buick LaCrosse and Enclave—on dealer’s lots
  • Chevy Volt has up to $4500 back on 2015 models and special financing on 2016 models, plus potential government incentives of up to $7500
  • GMC is offering unto 15% cash back on limited models, including some 2016 models
  • Ford is extending its Friends and Neighbors discount which offers the same no-haggle pricing that Ford offers its partners and vendors; additionally some models have a nice cash back bonus, too
  • Ford Escape has an offer of up to $2500 cash back or $1000 cash back and special financing on 2015 models (in addition to Friends and Neighbors pricing)
  • Ford F150 has combined offers that add up to $9,410 back on 2015 models
  • Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Trucks “Black Friday Blockbuster” event features 0% financing for up to 75 months on many 2015 models
  • Chrysler Town & Country minivan adds a $1500 cash back to the 0% financing,
  • Fiat 500L is offering $2500 cash back
  • BMW has $6500 cash back and low finance rates for select 2015 models including 6 and 7 series
  • Hyundai Sonata up to $2,250 back or 0% financing on the 2015 Hybrid
  • Kia has some great deals that, depending on model and year (2015 or 2016) can include first two payments on Kia, no payments for 3 more months and 0% financing for up to 66 months
  • Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lexus have all kicked off their holiday deal season
  • Almost all brands have added discounts for for U.S. Military members

Then, there’s possibly the best deal of all: this might be the best time to buy a Volkswagen. Following VW’s diesel scandal and resulting slow in sales, dealers will be anxious to move cars off the lot. With the company’s annual ‘Sign and Drive’ event (no money down, no deposit and no first payment) lease deals and sale prices could be the best ever.

No deal is a good deal if it’s not right for you

Black Friday Car Deals

Even luxury brands are offering some great deals; BMW has $6,500 off some of its models

To be sure you get the deal that is best for you, be prepared:

  • Arrive early
  • Research what you want ahead of time
  • Have your finance plan in place
  • Know your budget, credit score and credit history
  • Don’t make a deal just because it’s Black Friday

You can read more of our car buying tips here; good luck and if you shop for a car this weekend, leave a comment below, share your experience with our community and tell us how you did!

Black Friday Car Deals

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