Social Media Tips from the New York Auto Show That Every Influencer Should Know

Learning Social Media Tips From Sree Sreenivasan At Nyias

Top social media tips from Sree Sreenivasan that will help anyone who wants their social media to rise to the top.

Digital media influencers were treated to a social media workshop during the New York Auto Show. Attendees learned new social media tips from Sree, one of the best in the industry; Sree formerly led the city of New York and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their digital strategy. It was our good luck to have him lead us for two hours.  Sree offered tips for Twitter, Instagram, apps to use, ways to streamline work days and even some ABC’s.  There was so much goodness shared during the workshop that we couldn’t keep it all to ourselves. We are sharing the best of Sree’s social media tips with you so that we can all rock the social media world.

Sree’s ABCs of Social Media

  • Always Be Charging: Always have your phone plugged in and charging.
  • Always Be Collecting: Always be collecting photos and information.
  • Always Be Connecting: Always be sharing on your social media platforms.

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Use This Quick And Easy Keyboard Shortcut To Create Easy To Insert Common Phrases On Social Media Updates.

Use the Smart Phone keyboard shortcuts to create a quick and easy way to add hashtags to your social media updates. Photo: Deb Thompson

Tips For Your Smart Phone

  • Keep the most used apps on the first page of your phone.
  • Set up autocorrect to create a shortcut for commonly used hashtags or words
    • On iPhone, Go To  Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > + sign in upper right corner
    • Enter the phrase, for example, #GetSocialNYIAS
    • Enter shortcut, for example, GS, click save
    • Go to any social media platform and when you want to enter the #GetSocialNYIAS hashtag, simply type GS then space and the hashtag pops into the spot.
  • Use Text Expander App to create snippets of content to share with your audience.
  • Use Google Keep App to create and share notes and ideas with friends, colleagues, and others.
  • Use the Tailor App to stitch together screenshots.

Tips for Taking Photos

  • When taking a panoramic image point your toes in the direction that you want to end.
  • You can change the trajectory of the panoramic image by simply taping the opposite end of the screen giving you the option to move from left to right or right to left.
  • Additionally, you can change the panoramic image from horizontal to vertical by simply turning the phone orientation.
  • When in the panoramic mode you can simply drop your arm to close the shutter.
  • Be sure to backup your photos via iCloud, flash drive or something similar.
  • Play with Hyperlapse to create smooth time-lapse videos, you can also use it for selfies.

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Learning Social Media Tips From Sree Sreenivasan At Nyias

Insert a hashtag next to your name on Twitter to share your current location. Photo: Deb Thompson

Social Media Tips for Twitter

  • Make sure your name shows in your profile how you would search for it. i.e. Deb Thompson, not debthompson
  • You can update your name to include a hashtag to share where you are or what you may be participating in. i.e. Deb Thompson #GetSocialNYIAS
  • Look at your bio and be specific about who you are, be as clear as possible. Remember, “clear is the new clever.”
  • Hit RT on your own tweet 8 hours later to bump it back to the top.
  • Post 5-15 tweets/day

Social Media Tips for Instagram

  • Taking great Instagram photos has nothing to do with the phone but with your eye and with light.
  • Never take photos in the Instagram app.
  • Best photos have unusual angles.
  • Choose new angles whenever you can.
  • If you are unsure of an IG users handle simply tap on the image to tag someone and find their handle and include in the description.
  • Big Secret: No Filter received the most engagement on Instagram.
  • To manage how filters appear in the app, scroll all the way to the right of the filters, tap “manage”, and move filters around so that your faves are at the top and easily accessible when you want to use them. You can also delete any filters you don’t like.
  • Use three hashtags within the post and 30 hashtags in the first comment.
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts or the text expander app, mentioned above, to put 30 hashtags into a group and assign it a shortcut making it easy to paste hashtags into comments.
  • Post 1-2 images/daily.

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Use These Social Media Tips, Learned At Nyias, To Take Your Social Media Engagement Up A Few Notches.

Make your own GIF using your own photos and videos. Photo: Deb Thompson

More Social Media Tips

  • Use the Giphy Cam and/or Img Play to create GIFs out of any video or photos. Save as a video to share on Facebook.
  • Automagical enables you to quickly turn blog posts into engaging marketing videos.
  • Designate a Legacy Contact on your Facebook page. In case something should happen to you this allows someone you trust to take over your page.
  • LinkedIn is the most important network that we’re not using. Competitors aren’t there so get on there and make your presence known. LinkedIn has great SEO juice.
  • Post up to 5 updates a day on Facebook.
  • Make sure you don’t have duplicate content on all your social media platforms.
  • Use the Inbox App to never see spam and snooze your email.

Sree closed with a reminder that we should all strive to become somebody that’s work is so good that brands want to work with you. Brands want people that are genuine, know how to have fun and aren’t divas.

Learning Social Media Tips From Sree Sreenivasan At Nyias

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