Best New Sedans of the Year

Cadillac Ats
The Cadillac ATS Coupe is a slimmed-down, toned up and powerful version of the classic luxury brand

Car Shopping at the Auto Shows: Seeking Out The Best Sedans

Cadillac Ats

The Cadillac ATS Coupe is a slimmed-down, toned up and powerful version of the classic luxury brand

What could a girl love more than the freedom and fun of driving a sedan? A beautiful car or a sexy little coupe filled with smart luxuries. And, when getting there looking good matters—after all, you put so much time and effort into your outfit and accessories—why not insist the car match up to your standards? In January we attended the Detroit Auto Show and the Washington, DC Auto Show. The car shows are a huge shopping mall, and we go to shop. Here are the best new sedans of the year, the ones that stole our hearts (you can find our favorite crossovers here):


Cadillac ATS Coupe (pricing not set, but estimated $35,000+): There’s nothing like being part of a movement, and Cadillac customers are front and center: The iconic brand has ramped up its oomph, both under the hood and on the runway. The ATS, which will roll into dealers this summer, looks as if it had a successful go at the South Beach Diet,  emerging with a more refined and toned physique and the power that image implies. If you’ve been on the fence about Cadillac, this brand is coming into its own and this is a good time to jump in.


Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge adds race-track worthy power to delicious design

Infiniti Q 50 and Q50 Eau Rouge ($37,500+): If you’ve ever driven an Infiniti, then you know: These luxury cars are designed by a team who gets it. They look good and feel good; they feature subtle design details that make them stand apart from the crowd. They inspire a passion that you didn’t know was in you. For 2014 they’ve stepped up the game, both in the Q50 and in the Q5 Eau Rouge, the brand’s racing model, which is designed to compete with BMW’s M series and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG series.


Kia K900

Kia’s entry into the luxury sector: Beautiful on the inside and the outside

Kia K900($60,000+): Kia dipped a toe into the luxury pool with the luxurious Cadenza, but the roll-out of the K900 is a full-fledged cannonball, designed to make a splash and soak its competitors. This might not be a surprise; the bones of the modern Kia are decidedly European, thanks to Kia’s head of design, Peter Schreyer, who designed cars for Audi  and Volkswagen before he moved to Kia.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

The Hyundai Genesis applies “fluid design’ philosophies to the 2015 edition for a luxurious and exciting feel

Hyundai Genesis ($35,000): Moving toward designs that are way more German than Japanese is where Hyundai has been headed; its new fluid design philosophy is the soul of the 2015 Genesis, the brand’s luxury line. If you’re looking at a luxury sedans, the Hyundai Genesis should be on the list. And, it comes with the awesome Hyundai 10 year warranty, 5 year roadside assistance package and 3 years of maintenance.


Chrysler 200

Like a fine Italian handbag, this sedan has deep roots and classic lines.

Chrysler 200 ($21,795+) Oh how I wish I’d bought that Christian Dior handbag when it was first introduced and only cost $400. Now, it’s more than $1600. Ouch. Such is the case with the Chrysler 200. While it probably won’t quadruple in price, it’s a gem and its design integrity is deep: luscious Italian Alpha Romeo design, a gorgeous interior with some thoughtful touches, insightful engineering and a beautiful exterior. Oh, and 31 MPG. It indulges the senses and is easy on the wallet.

Chrysler 200 Interior

The re-designed interior of the Chrysler 200 includes a toggle gear selector and an open center compartment with USB and charge ports


Mercedes-Benz S600 (not set, but expect $93,825+) The S class Mercedes has a new, even more powerful model, with a V-12 engine. But what makes this car really attractive is the heads-up display, the accident-avoiding  Collision Prevention Assist and standard equipment like Magic Ride Control suspension, (sadly for little kids, not a Disney ride, but a feature that ensures a smooth ride)  adaptive cruise control and Blind Spot Assist. When you pay this much for a car, you appreciate every bit of technology that helps keep it out of every scrape.

Speaking of scrapes, you won’t have to scrape the windshield if you opt for the electric windscreen heating. The extended polar vortex and spate of winter storms throughout the country reminds us that this luxury touch is needed more and more.


The Mercedes-Benz S600 offers top of the line luxury, and the price tag to go with it

The infotainment system has a touchpad where you can actually ‘write’ letters and numbers, making entering addresses even easier – as long as you have legible handwriting. The mpg for this super-luxury Mercedes sedan has not been released, but it features an ECO start/stop function that reduces fuel consumption.

Disclosure: We attended the Detroit Auto Show as guests of GeneralMotors and Ford, which provided travel and accommodations, and the Washington DC Auto Show as a guest of Nissan, which provided travel and accommodations. Opinions, gathering of information and exhaustion was all our own. 

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