It’s Back to School Time: Is Your Car Ready?

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Back to school time also means car care time!

A few simple tips for a flawless fall routine.

A happy and organized crew and a car that’s ready to roll means everyone gets to school on time. And if I’m out of the carpool lane early, I can make it to Zumba class and not have to sneak in through the back!

You’ve probably spent the last few weeks shopping for school clothes, uniform friendly shoes and school supplies. But routinely overlooked during the back to school rush is the family car.

Here are some easy tips to help get the family car ready for back-to-school carpool and drop off duty.

Can I have the maintenance department please?

Summer road trips and daily driving to work can wreak havoc on your car. Give your car a little TLC and take it in for maintenance. On the first day of school, you definitely don’t want any surprises such as your car not starting or overheating. Regular maintenance can identify any major problems brewing under the hood before they create an emergency situation.

Inspect your tires

Your most precious cargo is riding on your tires. Rotate your tires to extend their life expectancy but also make sure they’re in good shape and have good solid tread. Remember the old penny test? It really does help by showing you if it’s time to replace your tires due to worn tread.

Back To School

Back to school car care tips include include inspecting your tires. Checking the tread on your tires is easy. Put a penny head-down into the tread and if you can’t see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires. Photo: Scotty Reiss for AGirlsGuidetoCars.

Prepare the night before

On school mornings, time is of the essence. To help things run smoothly prepare your car the night before. If you’re switching cars with your spouse be sure to install all car/booster seats the night before. Also don’t forget to gas up for the week on Sunday while running errands. The last thing you want is to have to stop for gas and get caught in the morning coffee drinkers’ line.

Organization is key

Organize the trunk or cargo space by adding ‘cubbies’ and asking kids to keep their stuff in their own ‘cubby’ in the back. This will help keep the seats clean and clutter free. Let them personalize and add their favorite car toys to their ‘cubby.’ Add a few back-up school supplies just in case something is forgotten in the morning rush. Check out these cool trunk organizers.

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The family car can stay nice and clean if everybody helps! Photo: Kirstin Fuller for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Keeping the car clean is everyone’s job!

Garbage management is a stinky subject.  I can’t tell you how much I dread the knee-deep garbage that piles up by Wednesday. Water bottles, granola bar wrappers, and ugh—the fresh fruit I thought was a good idea until I had to scrape it out of the carpet and the grooves of the seats! Keep a stash of plastic grocery bags in the seat back and prompt the kids to fill it on those days when they have a snack in the car at school pickup.

Back To School

To ensure your new routes and routines go smoothly, program your navigation/GPS ahead of time. Photo: Kirstin Fuller for AGirlsGuidetoCars

New school, new route equals test run!

The new school year may bring a new school which also means a new route. If your child is starting a new school this year, take a test run or two before the first day of school. You’ll want your kids to be on time so familiarize yourself with the route to the new school.

Are you ( and your car!) ready for the new school year?

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