When’s the Last Time You Updated Your Auto Insurance? 6 Great Ways to Save

Stuck On The Side Of The Road. Photo Jeshoots
Stuck on the side of the road. Photo Jeshoots


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Stressed out about car insurance? No worries, we can help! Photo: Jeshoots

Insurance adds to the cost of car ownership. Here are some tips to save money.

Admit it…nothing beats the rush of a new car purchase, especially a bright shiny new model with that new car smell. But once you’ve decided on the car of your dreams, auto insurance is the next important stop on the purchasing journey. You can’t drive off the lot or register it without insurance, actually.

I know, cars are a hot topic these days with rising gas prices and chip shortages. So once you’ve found your perfect car, starting the insurance hunt isn’t exactly exciting. But it can be if you consider sleuthing to find discounts to be a good time. Even in the midst of a pandemic, car makers are doing everything in their power to make their vehicles more attractive with innovative safety features, increased fuel efficiency and in some cases, family friendly benefits. Auto insurance companies are doing the same with competitive prices, apps and calculators that make comparison shopping easy, a and digital insurance cards that you can keep on your phone.

A study by The Zebra, an insurance comparison website, shows that women can pay up to 7.6% more for car insurance depending on their age and where they live. The study also says that men are riskier drivers and file more claims, but women are 37-73% more prone to injury in accidents.

But don’t let other people’s bad driving impact what you pay; you can still find good discounts.

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Insurance Policy. Photo: Vlad Deep On Unsplash

Insurance policy. Photo: Vlad Deep on Unsplash

Here are some basic first steps to finding discounts and lowering your rates:

  1. Consider bundling; this is second nature, we do it all the time (hello cable/wifi/phone/cell service in a single bill). Do you own a car and a home? Several cars? Two cars, a boat and an RV? Take advantage of the lower cost of putting these together, and presto: instant savings.
  2. Don’t be humble – brag about yourself! Are you a good driver? A student, perhaps? Did you spring for top-of-the-line safety features? Do you park in a garage? Do you only drive to church on Sundays (so, not many miles driven each year)? All of these details can add up to big savings on the bottom line. Don’t leave them out of your application.
  3. Give your auto coverage an annual check-up. The key here is to look at the amount you’re paying vs what you really need coverage for. Does your new car have 24 hour road side assistance? Then cancel the roadside assistance coverage on your insurance. Did you pay off your car loan? Then you may want to consider canceling your comprehensive coverage. Do you have two cars in your driveway? Then you may want to consider cancelling the rental car coverage. There’s no sense in paying for coverage that you don’t really need.
  4. Compare insurance rates. This is a great way to save money. Statistically insurance companies will charge women smaller premiums than men, but it’s always a good idea to find the company that will give you the most bang for your buck. The internet is truly your friend here when researching and making price/coverage comparisons.
  5. Only use your coverage when you need it. This is a big one. In most cases if you make a claim, the insurance company will tack on a nice surcharge to your policy. Sometimes that surcharge can stay on your policy for years. Give some thought to whether you can live with that tiny scratch on your car trunk, or if you can pay for it yourself and avoid the insurance company altogether. Make the coverage count when you need it. Though do get that nick in the windshield fixed; a cracked windshield is dangerous and in many places, illegal. And most insurance policies cover it without a co-pay or penalty.
  6. Drive safely. Being a safe driver definitely has its perks, especially because your driving history is one of the biggest rating factors insurance companies use to assess their risk. Most companies now offer telematics or OBD-port based devices that can be added to your vehicle to determine how well you drive on a daily basis, and this can help to reduce your premium.

Don’t let the insurance process bring let the air out of your new car elation. Instead, reduce your rate and get better coverage. And don’t forget to revisit your policies every year or two to make sure you are getting the best coverage at the best price.

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